European Network of Young Cinema is hosting GENERATOR: Youth Audiovisual Forum in Strasbourg (France), where more than 120 European young people will share experiences and discuss about audiovisual tools. What is GENERATOR?

GENERATOR is a forum that will generate not only partnerships and new projects but also skills and knowledge. It will show NISI MASA as a wide network of varied and different organizations that will present themselves in the workshops, discussion panels, project pitching fair and evening screenings of short films. For three days, the participants will meet European policy makers and experts in the audiovisual/ cultural sector. They will assist different activities aiming to facilitate the exchange of ideas and learning about best practices, and will also be encouraged to propose concrete actions.

NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema (, is composed by 26 associations from all around Europe, all led and supported by young professionals, student and volunteers with a common passion: European cinema.
The Programme:
GENERATOR: Youth Audiovisual Forum will present an intensive sample of workshops set up by NISI MASA on a yearly basis, as well as screenings, seminars, forums and other round table discussions about young filmmaking in Europe.
GENERATOR participants will have the chance to pitch their projects: any kinds of projects are welcome – from films to audiovisual workshops, film screenings, anything the NISI MASA networking can offer.
Moreover, as we are a forum, a panel focused on Transmedia, composed by Alain Bieber (director of ARTE Creative), Domenico La Porta (director of Cineuropa) and representatives of InVitr0 transmedia project; and finally, a panel where representatives of MEDIA, European Youth Foundation and Council of Europe will discuss about the future of European youth audiovisual funding who will be contested by young project managers from NISI MASA network who do projects via alternative methods of funding: crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.
The mornings will be devoted to several parallel ongoing workshops: a seminar focused on sales and distribution of short films hosted by ARTE (guest speakers: Sabine Brantus, responsible for short films at ARTE and Ron Dyens, from Sacrebleu Productions); a script marathon, a 48-hour-long ride through intensive scriptwriting lead by Wim Vanacker (the project manager of European Short Pitch) and Nadja Dumouchel (Arte, jury at TorinoFilmLab); a kino kabaret workshop lead by Hannaleena Hauru (NISI MASA’s Head of Film Lab Department) where 40 participants will meet and start shooting short films in Strasbourg which will be shown on Sunday final screening or a culture management seminar, hosted by the representatives of Encounters Short Film Festival, Ad Arte and Eventival. Of course, we will host a film journalism workshop based on our successful Nisimazine, where participants will learn from trainers of several Nisimazine workshops at Cannes Film Festival as well as experienced journalists from Cineuropa; and last but not least, a workshop on genre films moderated by 7 Tape Productions and who will talk about the ways to start a genre based film project, concretely a horror movie – from casting to directing.
Every evening, participants will be able to attend screenings of short films at the Cinéma l’Odyssée and Cinéma Star in Strasbourg, followed by improvised parties to chat and networking – the créme de la créme of the NISI MASA network!


The Funders and Partners:
GENERATOR: Youth Audiovisual Forum is funded by:

Programme from the European Union that aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship.
Communauté Urbaine Strasbourg
European Union programme supporting Audiovisual and Film Industry.