Sometimes it is confusing to enter a film festival, a market or a talent hub. Beforehand you are pretty sure that you have the best film, the best distribution strategy or the best script in your pocket. Then you find yourself there only to meet hundreds of people who thought the same thing. At that moment almost everybody faces the question: am I talented, good, or smart enough to be here and convince the film industry about my skills? Well, Daazo is here to help…

From pitch to production. From a promise to the promised land. From being a talent to being a hero. These are the paths we would like to guide you through in this issue of World of Shorts magazine. This is why we have come up with a new initiative, an entirely new way of pitching film plans: the PitchPage project. We have chosen seven from the many submitted visual pitch images to highlight in our magazine. Through World of Shorts magazine, these ideas will be delivered to producers, fellow filmmakers and film professionals. We are very excited to see how the paths of these project develops.

In addition, to provide a bit of a backdrop to the PitchPage there is an article about the art of pitching by Wim Vanacker, organiser of the European Short Pitch. We present a panorama of the classical method of European short film financing and also a brand new way to realise your plans: crowdfunding. We also have an article by Jan Naszewski about the perfect content for the short film market. As film festivals are the most important meeting points and showcases for filmmakers, we also concentrate on their particular characteristics – how and why they select films – in articles provided by Bristol Encounters and the Tampere International Film Festival.

And of course, in this Berlinale Issue of World of Shorts magazine we cover the programme of Berlinale Shorts and the Berlinale Talent Campus. You will be inspired visually by the magical drawings of the directors of the Berlinale Shorts competition, and we have asked the curator, Maike Mia Höhne about the challenges of selecting the best shorts from the thousands they received. We also talked with Matthijs Wouter Knol, programme manager of the Berlinale Talent Campus about the milestones of the history of the Campus and he explained their new initiative, the Short Film Station project. The talents also have their say, as we asked them to tell us what they expected from the Campus (a lot, of course!).

So we think that there is definitely a path from a promise to the promised land. Sometimes it is a short one and sometimes it is long and winding. There are many ways to get there and we try to do our best to highlight some of them in this issue. Enjoy your journey with World of Shorts!

text: Dániel Deák