If you already have experience with the Sofia Short Challenge, here is your chance to show your short to the big crowd again. In case you never did, what are you waiting for?

Within this year’s 17th “Sofia Film Fest” the “Sofia Short Challenge 5 ” will be held, which is a 336-hour short film challenge.

In this year’s edition, the teams will again have the opportunity to work with the announced topic and a music video as well. Each team will have movie theme (of four components) and 4 songs from 4 different music bands. The participants are entitled to choose one of the songs OR the selected topic and work on it.
The songs and the movie theme will be announced on February 28th  on the challenge’s websitewww.sofiashort.com.

The transmission of videos and films will be held in the lobby of the Cinema “Lumiere” (Hall 11 of the National Palace of Culture) on March 14th from 19:30 to 22:00 or via mail.
(You can use servers like: https://www.wetransfer.com/)

Late films will not be accepted!

Screening: On the 16th of March at 12 pm. in Cinema  “Lumiere”. (Hall 11 of the National Palace of  Culture).

Some regulations regarding the content of the movies: Obscene language, offensive propaganda and /or discriminatory content, racial, religious, sexual or political acts, and movies with greater length of 4 minutes with titles and credits won’t be screened. Teams will select their own genre of their movie, whether it is comedy, horror, drama, fiction, etc. Films should have English subtitles!

And about the music videos: Clips with length greater than the length of the song won’t be accepted.Each band will choose their favorite video. The chosen one will be screened at the Sofia Film Festival and will have the option by mutual agreement between the band and the crew to make an official video for the song later on. 

The jury will consider the skills of the teams and will determine the winners after they make a preliminary selection based on the  requirements regarding the movies.

Prizes: Film and music video  winners works will be shown at international festivals like “KLUSH” and “SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL” in Operation “Cinema”. The director of the awarded videos (1 per team) will have the chance to travel to these festivals with their works.

Video format: PAL DV, 720/576 or 720p HD in H.264 * codec MP4 or MOV! 

SD: PAL 720/576, 25fps, codec: H264, 6/8 mbit / s VBS
HD: 720p / 1280 × 720 progressive /, 25fps, codec: H264, 8/10 mbit / s VBS
Sound:-6db; 48,000 khz, 192 kbps, stereo, AAC

(Video formats are very specific and if you have no experience in this area, consult with your video editor to make sure that your movie can be screened! AVI, MPEG, VOB and others will not be accepted. The transmission format is MP4!)

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