Today, for the second time in Nisi Masa- The European Network of Young Cinema’s history, the European Short Pitch kicks off. For three days in the city of Luxembourg, soldiers of young, fresh, European cinema will be doing everything to get some projects that green light.

The first day of the ESP is a panel discussion with the title: “Why is co-production spreading in shorts?” Representatives and leaders of organizations, funds from Europe will be handling this task in order to see which way is the best way to move forward. Good news for us is that Zoltan Aprily and Daniel Deak, founders of Daazo, are out there representing the European Short Film Centre.

The weekend will be no talk, only work so to speak. The ESP has a so-called Book of Projects. This guide holds 25 titles which are ready to go in pre-production, but they still lack funding. Producers from all-around Europe will be present to hear the directors pitch their ideas, so Daazo would like to wish the best of luck to those screenwriters/directors who have their fingers crossed and are unable to sleep until they’re finished with the pitching session.

You can see the Book of Projects of the ESP for yourself above. When the notorious World of Shorts-reader flips through it, he or she might notice something very familiar. The 3D animation-project “Honey can you take my human for a walk” is up for consideration this weekend in Luxembourg and it was featured in Daazo’s WOSH in the “Pitch Page” section. We can safely say, we have our favourite and we’re very much rooting for Subic and Pernat, director and producer of the project.


A handful of important decisions, talks and discussions will take part this weekend at the ESP, so keep yourself up-to-date with us.