Every league, contest, war or morning pitching session in Harvey Weinstein’s office has winners and losers. Surely, being selected to Nisi Masa’s Book of Projects is already a great leap forward to start your film’s path to glory. Out of 30 titles, 3 are now even closer to that.


Take a look at the ESP-winning projects and expect a Q&A with the directors on Daazo’s blog in the near future.


Straight out of Liverpool, director Mike Forshaw who’s short “Slippin” premiered some years ago at the BFI London Film Festival is on quest to capture the fans intensity and the horrible consequences of one of the deadliest football matches in history, told through the eyes of his young hero, Liam in his ESP-winner project, “Saturday”.


Karolis Kaupinis from Lithuania will be making a film about a school who’s staff is trying to choose a new ringing sound for their building. And much more. “The Noise Maker”, a story of education, starts production later this year in a 500-people village.

The third project to get a green light at the ESP was “The Gender Reassignment Musical” by Adian Istrate from Romania. The 25-minute film will tell the tale of a transgender-subculture and it’s unique characthers struggling to figure out their own identity.


“The European Short Pitch is the most important event of the European short film industry where directors, screenwriters, producers and distributors meet to discuss the future of the business and it’s interesting to see what projects will dominate the European festival circulation in the upcoming years. Daazo will pay close attention to these projects and is hoping to actively take part in the path of some.”-says co-founder of Daazo, Daniel Deak.

Be sure to check for more updates on our blog regarding the ESP and it’s projects.