Starting from Wednesday, we will present the 7 pitch pages which have gone to Daazo’s magazine, World of Shorts and by that, to the Berlinale. The Pitch Page offers an innovative opportunity for filmmakers to present their film plan without having their heart in their throats, using visual creativity.

First off, Myroslava Khoroshun from Ukraine, who has a very serious project going on, since he already has a producer and almost €140,000 € covered for it’s €200,000 budget. Daazo hopes that from the exposure it got in Berlinale, helps cover the remaning costs, so we can see “Yin, and what to do with it” in the near future on the big screen.

Take a look at the synopsis and the page featured in the World of Shorts magazine.

“It’s you who’s killing your husband, not a disease.” – said the doctor. The weird prescription shocks the emancipated lady: “You’ve lost your womanhood. To save him – become a woman”. Will she manage to get her femininity back? Will he live?

Interested in the project? Contact producer Max Serdiuk for more information at