The Budapest Short Film Festival, BUSHO is now accepting 30-second or one minute short films and posters in the topic of FLOOD AND CAROUSEL. No age, sex or religious restrictions. All entries are welcome, we are curious about your opinion from all over the world!

The first 3 places in all categories will be honored with a free-of-charge participation right in the 7th GomBuSho multicultural one-week workshop this summer.

All entries will be screened and displayed on the 9th BuSho Festival!


Entry Form and Regulations here. 

Deadline: 15-March-2013

Find out about some criterias for the BUSHO, which takes place in Budapest from the 3rd of September till the 8th:


The changes of 2013 introduced in the registration system don’t seem to scare people off as lots of entries were received until the end of February. As you may know now, you can register your entry even 2 weeks after the original deadline via WAB and REELPORT, The only change in this is that from now on Reelport you can enter online in paralell to BuSho’s online registration

Criterias are the same: Shorts of fiction, animation and experimental categories are accepted which were made after 1-January-2011, with no longer than 30 minutes length!


names such as i.e.: ’myshortfilm entry_busho’ are not accepted, because usually there is a 100 like that. They should be like: title_director_country, i.e.: godfather_coppola_usa.mp4


The BUSHO was created by young Hungarian filmmakers about 9 years ago. Their main aim  is “to develop, present and capture the cultural identity of the Eastern European audiovisual sector helping it to give more experts to the market and to give ground to young filmmakers so they can introduce themselves, create, and together, make a new European Value.”