Can you actually “use” a city? Is a city like a smarthphone which gets new updates and features every now and then? For the possibility that you actually can think of a city as a functioning, huge application that serves your everyday life, the Contemporary Architecture Centre of Budapest organized the 4th annual Budapest Architecture and Film Festival.

A short-film contest, which Daazo is proud to present to you was held during the festival and it required the applicants to submit shorts about the new functions, upgrades and the transformation of Budapest. What is the idea behinds these changes? From what perspective can you define these upgrades? How does it affect your life and what are it’s consequences? These are the questions that more than 30 short films will try to answer you.

Take this short impression of our beloved Blaha Lujza Square, the home of beggars, homeless people, punks, foreigners from Africa talking on the phone all the time, the home of underground parties and kebabs. And also, the Daazo headquarters. You can’t miss “Blaha” if you’ve ever set foot in Budapest. It’s the Eastern European type of Times Square.


If some of you short film-buffs haven’t visited Budapest yet, these little audiovisual statements can actually be a great advertisment for you to arrange your next trip in Europe to the capital of Hungary. Enjoy our channel with the entries subbmitted to Shorts Shots Budapest.