The Film Society of Lincoln Center has always been the most prominent place in the world to promote emerging talent. They made a revolution by introducing auteur cinema to the Hollywood-based audiences and they still do it, never stopping. As they say, before Sundance and SXSW(South by Southwest, a prestigious festival held right now in Austin, Texas) it was New Directors/New Films.

For the 42nd time now in history, on March 20th “ND/NF” will kick off. Tickets go on sale today. Some world premieres will be up on the silver screen, joined by a bunch of US and New York premieres. For instance, “The Act of Killing” which created all the buzz during this year’s Berlinale, with critics and audiences saying this was the only film that eventually worked as a tear-jerker. It’s controversial topic will sure spice up the crowds in the Big Apple as well. Now ND/NF is just a little marble inside a huge organization, which is the heart of New York’s art scene.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan is a part of  the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which includes world famous facilities like the Metropolitan Opera, often referred to as “The Met” and you find the New York City Ballet here as well, along with the New York Philharmonics amongst others. It’s safe to say that if you want a piece of high-class culture, you have a sure place to visit.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center also hosts The New York Film Festival which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary last September, and is one of the most prestigious events for New Yorker cinephiles or anyone from the Lower East Side. Superstars and darlings of Hollywood always seem to enjoy the red carpet of the NYFF, even though it may not be a top-notch festival, it’s still a very high-profile gala event. And which star doesn’t love New York City? (Sorry Lil’ Wayne)

Since 1972, The Film Society of Lincoln Center is “honoring legendary stars and industry leaders” with a special Gala Tribute.  The first honoree was Charlie Chaplin himself, last year it was Catherine Deneuve. For 2013, they chose Barbra Streisand, who is a true New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn.

Back to New Directors/ New Films. The main aim for this presentation is to introduce new talent to American audiences. (By the way, let’s not forget that one of the main venues and principal partner of the ND/NF is the Museum of Modern Art, “MoMa”, probably the most famous museum in the world.) “New” has a special meaning since these directors and their films are not distributed and promoted nationwide in the US. They are mostly independent artists, ready to kick off their career. Surely, some exposure at ND/NF is a great way to do that. Some names who got recognition thanks to their presence in New York include François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and even Martin Scorsese who didn’t have to travel that much, being one of the most “New Yorker” film director who has ever lived.

Anton's Right Here by Lyubov Arkus

In recent years, the new directors mostly come from overseas, since Americans have the above mentioned festivals Sundance and SXSW to show their talent off. This year’s highly anticipated film “Anton’s Right Here'” celebrates it’s North American premiere at ND/NF, a gripping documentary made by Russian film critic Lyubov Arkus. We had the chance to see this great story in Budapest last year during the 9th Verzio Human Rights Documentary Festival.

The New Directors/New Films presentation is not just for feature films. Obviously, Daazo is truly happy about that, since new directors of new short films have the chance to get their works shown in front of a huge audience. The Shorts Program has three sections, which adds up to 14 new shorts.

The No.1. section hosts films from Romania, France and Germany along with two shorts that were partially produced in the States, but are from Colombia and Turkey. The latter features a highly-controversial topic. In southwest Turkey, a Dutch woman saves the lives of illegal immigrants, while getting her own life in jeopardy.

"Southwest" by Jordi Wijnalda

The next section is presenting six shorts, mostly also from Europe. They have a 4-minute film from Spain titled “Taboulé”, “Ararat” a German-Turkish co-production, “Take a Deep Breath” from Turkey along with shorts from the USA and Italy. Take a look at the trailer of the one and only short animation in the Shorts Program below:

The third section consits of three films, all of them having a playtime of about 30 minutes, from Brazil, Mexico and Germany respectively.

You can take this as a promise, Daazo will keep an eye on these shorts and we will do everything to get these great works on our site. Until then, we wish a tons of luck to the directors .


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text: Attila Mocanu