Starting from Wednesday, we will present the 7 pitch pages which have gone to Daazo’s magazine, World of Shorts and by that, to the Berlinale. The Pitch Page offers an innovative opportunity for filmmakers to present their film plan without having their heart in their throats, using visual creativity.

We’re dealing with a pretty serious existential drama here. A tough subject for a short film, but the people backing this project are more than enthusiastic. Producers from New Europe Film Sales are promoting this “long short” from Poland and Cinestacion from Chile is co-producing. €13,000 is already covered from the budget and it’s going viral on indiegogo as well, so with all the effort the €30,000 budget can be easily met. Make it happen!

Take a look at the synopsis and the page featured in the World of Shorts magazine:

A group of people gather for a family reunion in a house on an isolated island. Unspoken relationships bloom, past events are examined and the children disappear into the surrounding nature.They are waiting for the last person to join them, but as the evening comes and he doesn’t arrive, a strange anxiety overwhelms them.The group dismantles and the family members wander away from the house separately, confronting the sea and an unspoken fear that slowly consumes them.

Interested in the project? Contact producer Jan Naszewszki at or Rebeca Gutiérrez at