Starting from Wednesday, we will present the 7 pitch pages which have gone to Daazo’s magazine, World of Shorts and by that, to the Berlinale. The Pitch Page offers an innovative opportunity for filmmakers to present their film plan without having their heart in their throats, using visual creativity.

The last winning pitch page we present is indeed special. “The First Time” is a huge project which calls for scripts. 30 of them. There is a pilot directed by Tess Murray from the UK, and they’re planning to shoot thirty, 3-minute shorts about the loss of virginity. From 30 different perspectives. The Pitch Page in this case was not mainly for money and support, but to find emerging talents ready to contribute to this project during the Berlinale 2013. Daazo is hoping everything went well.


Take a look at the synopsis and the page featured in the World of Shorts magazine:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?… Join us!
“The First Time” is an international short film & transmedia project based on the universal narrative of losses of virginity. The core is the development of a programme of 30 (up to 3 min) short films directed by emerging European storytelling talents found via an open thematic Call for Scripts (*the Call will be launched during the Berlinale 2013) accompanied by interactive & participatory transmedia with a strong social media footprint.

Interested in the project? Contact the producing company for more information at