After 3 years of touring in Belgrade, Athens and Tirana, Balkans Beyond Borders calls for submissions for the 4th edition of the Balkans beyond Borders Short Film Festival with the title “Reinventing Bridges”. After three successive years of receiving inspiring films we are again inviting young filmmakers to share their vision with us through their filmmaking and to “Reinvent Bridges”..

“Our contemporaneity is manifested as a time when we analyse everything. The present is not only a transitory instance, but becomes a site of permanent rewriting of the past and the future, of permanent rewriting of history.” (Boris Groys)

With the fall of the Berlin wall and with the end of the Cold War, Europe entered a new historical era. Marked by the Communist past and the European Union future many of the countries have undergone radical changes in the last 23 years. The Balkan countries and their people, though neighbours, do not share the same personal, historical, political and social experience of these changes. As a result, even their expectations about the future are different.

What questions and issues about the past and the future are important for the present? How are the Balkans, with all their diversity, rewriting their past and reinventing their future? How to translate or embody this into moving images?

Young artists up to the age of 35 from the Balkan region and beyond (Southeast Europe) are invited to send their own short films related to this year’s topic.

The submission period will run from 17th December until  1st June and the festival will take place in Bucharest in September 2013.

Share your standpoint through your short film!

More information on how to apply is available on the Balkans Beyond borders website, or like them on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter.