Each year, the Robert Bosch Stiftung issues three Film Prizes for International Cooperation between young German filmmakers and their partners from either Eastern Europe or the Arab World. Robert Bosch Stiftung is a long-time partner of Daazo.com

The prizes are awarded in the categories animation, documentary, and short fiction film. Young filmmakers in the fields of production, directing, camera, and scriptwriting are given an opportunity to explore the methods and creative styles of their partner country.

Applications must be made by teams, not individuals. The film should be produced in Germany as well as the partner country, stressing in particular the aspect of intercultural exchange.


Daazo would like to congratulate this year’s winners. Let’s take a look:

Documentary: The Station 

Director & Co-Producer: Salomé Jashi (Georgia)

Producer: Urte Fink (Germany)
Genre: Documentary
Length: 75 min

Fragments of life of a provincial town, which make into the local TV news, compose an absurd visual mosaic.

Jury statement:
Global media is able to start wars, change governments, produce new or kill existing stars. But what ist the role of a TV Station in a small village, somewhere or practically nowhere in a small country, where TV is the main piece of furniture in every family. It’s the unique story about a village and its TV station, created by a very impressive and creative team.

Animation: Geno

Director & Script: Dato Kiknavelidze (Georgia)

Producer: Anne Kathrin Lewerenz (Germany)

Co-Procucer: Lela Akiashvili (Georgia)
Genre: Animation
Length: approx. 12 min

Big toad „Geno“ tries to hide from the problems around him, but they do not disappear. Core values can only be saved by all – being big or small – standing together!

Jury statement:
In this animation project the carrying team has shown their values in an effective and convincing way. The care for an healthy environment will be spread on a very humoristic way and on a high level animation standard, by a bright and promising production team.

Short Fiction: The Chicken

Director & Script: Una Gunjak (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Producer: Jelena Goldbach (Germany)

Co-Procucer: Ivana Simic (Croatia)
Genre: Short Fiction
Length: approx. 17 min

Turning 6 in wartime Sarajevo is not like any other birthday.

Jury statement:
A project that speaks straight forward about how a child can become an adult in a single day. It was charming us by the effective & strong emotional way in which a very sensitive issue was put on paper.


We will do our best on bringing you the latest news about the developments of these projects. For more info on the prize and its previous winners, visit the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s website.