Meeting of Central East European representatives of public televisions, presentation of young talents and animation projects in front of international producers or competition of Visegrad short films will become the highlights of upcoming Visegrad Animation Forum ( organized by Association of Czech Animation (

The  coproduction event of our regional producers, animation professionals is held from 5 to 7 May at the frame of International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm, Třeboň 2013 (

“Three days of young films, meetings of more than 100 professionals from our region and
presentation of projects with coproduction prospect , workshops for young filmmakers – this is the  program of such a forum organized by the regional professionals themselves,” says Michal Procházka for the organizers.

Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF) 2013 offers the very first meeting of the Central East European TV commission editors, representatives of directors over the question that is the key for further development of our region animation industries. Can countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia develop a bigger TV serial project in coproduction and compete with it on international level?  The Forum will welcome Czech Television director Petr Dvořák, the Head of Foreign Programme Dept. in Hrvatska radiotelevizija Kresimir Zubčič from
Croatia or Polish Deputy Head of Film Agency TVP SA Anna Kowalewska-Onaszkiewicz among
others at the highly followed round table discussion. At this occasion local authors and producers
will present 9 TV serial projects while looking for co-producers or foreign partners.

The VAF will see the presentation of Czech talents projects, Jan Saska and Veronika Szemlová will  present their short film projects orMartin Duda´s Tv serial Great Adventures of Dora and Rosa (developed by Bionaut Films) respective Kristina Dufková´s Serial The Story about Mum and Dad (Anima Studio). The Polish studios like Human Ark, Gruppa Smacznego, Studio Miniatur
Filmowych, Badi Badi will also disclose their new works in development.

The VAF Award 2013 film competition presents some of the the best short films from our countries and local schools like FAMU Prague, MOME Budapest, UTB Zlín, PWSFTViT Lodz or VŠMU Bratislava. The line-up will also feature the succesfull Hungarian-French coproduction The Conquerants by duo filmmakers Tibor Banoczki and Sarolta Szabó.

“Visegrad Animation Forum is destined to all professionals, producers, filmmakers, studios and animators who could pitch their projects, present films, look for collaborators or learn about European standards of production. Its platform enables the networking of professionals and producers so vital in the time of limited national culture funding,” adds the Chairman of Association of Czech Animation Martin Vandas.

Visegrad Animation Forum was founded by Association of Czech Animation (ASAF) gathering the local producers and studios. The first event was the presentation of our region animation at the market MIFA of Annecy 2013. I. edition of Visegrad Animation Forum 2013 (5-7 May, Třeboň) is organised by ASAF together with other professionals from our region – Slovak Asociácia producentov animovaného filmu, Hungarian school MOME Budapest, Polish company New Europe Film Sales, International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm, Třeboň.

The project of Visegrad Animation Forum 2013 was supported by Visegrad Fund (, by Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affaires Czech Republic, Audiovizuálny Fond in Slovakia ( The media partners of the VAF 2013 is yours truly, – European Short Film Centre and the main prize for the best short film project was sponsored by the Czech Television(