Through 7 days starting from May 15th, we are presenting the best 7 Pitch Pages which made the print version of our World of Shorts Magazine. We’ll have interviews with the filmmakers as well!

Straight from Ukraine, Maria Stepanska is aiming to get her short “Snails” produced. We hope that her great-looking Pitch Page gets her a deal in Cannes.

We’re talking about a low-budget production here (but hey, where are we not?), so from the total budget of €18,000, 20% is already covered. Shouldn’t be a long shot. Here is the synopsis of the film for you to decide:

The 27-year-old man is working for a Corporation, which is engaged in illegal occupation of rural land. Leaving for another “object”, he discovers a huge unfinished cathedral at the infinite field. He needs to decide what to do with the cathedral, as well as to subdue a farmer who rightfully owns the land.

Read our interview with the filmmaker below:

How does it feel to have people in Cannes looking at your upcoming project?

– It’s like you are doing  your marathon, out of breath, alone and you hope to see a taxi on the next corner. But on the next corner you find yourself  at the Olympic Games with thousands of runners. I mean it’s a great possibility and big challenge as well.

What did you focus on when you were making your Pitch Page?

– I focused on the visualization of  the inner pressure. Evidently the big snail is God and a weakling at the same time.
How do you like the magazine itself?
– I like  the magazine cover with its great image of “patchwork” very much and find I it very useful for professionals. And I like that the magazine highlights the world of shorts as a self-contained world, not the part of big-picture cinema.
How long have you been dealing with this project and what was the idea behind the whole concept?
– I’ve been dealing with this project since a friend of mine told me the story of young cruel people whom crashed snails time to time to cool down. Then I found the unfinished cathedral and those two images connected in my mind and so the story was born about a man who pressures weaklings and is being  under pressure at the same time.