Through 7 days starting from May 15th, we are presenting the best 7 Pitch Pages which made the print version of our World of Shorts Magazine. We’ll have interviews with the filmmakers as well!

Ernestas Jankauskas from Lithuania is the director of the project which has a title that will sure attract much of attention. Let’s make things clear before we judge Elizabeth II, so here is the synopsis of the film:

Milda is a seven-year-old girl who is left by her emigrated parents several years ago. She is raised by her aunt Angele and lives in her small fantasy world, believing that one day her mother and father will come back and waiting for the postcard from them once in a while.
One day after a big fight with Angele, she meets strange woman, who convinces the girl that the Queen of England stole the parents and that rescue mission needs to start. The only thing the woman asks in return is that Milda needs to forget her aunt. The girl agrees.
Milda and the strange woman embark on a journey towards the big city and the airport, where they are supposed to meet the Queen of England. They discover strange people and get to know each other while travelling by all means of transportation.
Step by step Milda begins to feel that she misses her aunt. In the end two travellers reach the airport but will Milda meet the Queen? Where her fantasies end and where the real world begins?

Justinas Pocius, Jurgita Jutaite, Monika Sakalauskaite are backing the project from the producing end. The company Dansu, LLC is covering a big chunk of the budget with €35,000 out of €55,000. Check out the teaser trailer below:

How does it feel to have people in Cannes looking at your upcoming project?

I take it as a first step to have an actual premiere in Cannes few years later with a feature. And yes, it feels good.
What did you focus on when you were making your Pitch Page?
On the main concept of the project. For people to be clear and attractive.
How do you like the magazine itself?
I find it very needful and useful. Even I, sitting here in Lithuania, can read about upcoming projects in the whole Europe from my colleagues. That’s wonderful.
How long have you been dealing with this project and what was the idea behind the whole concept?
Everything started with director and producer. They had an idea, and a wish what movie should be about. About parents leaving their children for better life and forgetting them. And about the beautiful and spectacular world – view which those children actually have.
I join the team at the stage of developing the idea and starting to imagine in which way the story should go. So, the script was written and re-writen for many times in half a year, using help from script doctors, attending “NISI MASA” European Short pitch project and so on. And now, at the moment, it’s being shot in wonderful locations with amazing little actress and is going to be sent on the editing, visual effects and post – production tables.