Through 7 days starting from May 15th, we are presenting the best 7 Pitch Pages which made the print version of our World of Shorts Magazine. We’ll have interviews with the filmmakers as well!

Happy Birthday is a film based on a true and very harsh story. The Polish project looks all set, the €36,000 budget is covered and Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association is producing.

So what is that true story exactly?

Nineteen-year-old Ania sets off by train to the other end of the country and the start of a new chapter in her life. Two men are travelling on the same train. One of them is celebrating his birthday. They decide to mark the occasion by murdering someone. Ania gets into the same compartment. Happy Birthday is inspired by true events from a few years ago.

Read more about it in our interview with Michalina Fabijanksa below:

How does it feel to have people in Cannes looking at your upcoming project?

Prestige- that’s the first word that goes through my mind.  And we’re definitely happy and proud that our work was noticed and appreciated. It’s a great mobilization for us to keep working on the project and to have it ready for Cannes 2014. We will do our best to bring this film to life as soon as possible.

What did you focus on when you were making your Pitch Page?

To make it by the deadline. It’s quite funny, but yes, I found out about Pitch Page  competition a few days before the deadline and I thought that we won’t make it, but then the deadline was extended. Destiny?But seriously saying, the most important thing was to show in this poster, is the character of the movie. Nice at first sight, but when you look closely you notice that there is something
wrong… The girl is on grey and black, her hair turns into ravens, there are strange characters in the background.
It’s kind of creepy and mysterious. And then you realize it’s definitely not a comedy…
Fortunately Leszek Korusiewicz, has a friend who is a graphic designer and she did a great job in a very short time
bringing this idea. I was delighted when I saw it and happily, the jury liked it too.

How do you like the magazine itself?

First of all the magazine is very interesting and helpful. And of course focusing on promoting only shorts makes it original and really wanted.  You’re doing a wonderful job!

 How long have you been dealing with this project and what was the idea behind the whole concept?

The script was developed in Wajda School at Development Lab 2010/2011. It was a one year programme. Then Leszek Korusiewicz
submitted the script to Munk Studio’s “30 Minutes programme” for short features and was selected to production one year ago. Because of many reasons, the shooting didn’t start immediately. But now after a huge break the director is getting ready to start shooting and hopefully it will happen around September. And about the idea. The script is inspired by a true story that happened few years ago in Poland. Unfortunately, a young girl was thrown from a train by two guys. One of them has his birthday that day and that was his way to celebrate it… Sounds unbelievable right?
That story is only an inspiration. Leszek Korusiewicz avoids reconstruction of this terrible case. He is focusing on the question – why?
And he is getting deep into the created character’s mind trying to find the answer. Will he find it?