Through 7 days starting from May 15th, we are presenting the best 7 Pitch Pages which made the print version of our World of Shorts Magazine. We’ll have interviews with the filmmakers as well!

Another short from Lithuania, The Noisemaker’s Pitch Page sure is an eye-candy, therefore World of Shorts print version it is. One of the most elegant and sophisticated pages.

Read what all the fuss is about:

Teachers of a tiny provincial school are puzzled about choosing a tone for a modern schoolbell. It is to be brought by an official delegation in order to replace the old noisemaker. In fear of the officials, the principal tries to hide a fatal truth: there are few pupils left. Too few for a school to exist.

Ciobreliai is producing and covers €30,000 out of the €58,000 budget. Karolis Kaupinis is directing the short which won at Nisi Masa’s European Short Pitch this year.  The 25-minute film is now looking to get the rest through co-production and producer Marija Razgute is on the case. She is answering Daazo’s questions “from somewhere between Cannes and Vilnius”.

How does it feel to have people in Cannes looking at your upcoming project?

It feels serious, and You become kind of committed to Yourself to make this short film be in the competition next year.

What did you focus on when you were making your Pitch Page?

We focused on the feelings. It had to bring irony and a bit of melancholia. The photo is done in the main shooting location – the village school corridor.

How do you like the magazine itself?

Your magazine is very much reader-friendly. To start with – a very nice paper and print quality, and end up with great editorial readings, and a very eye-catchy design. It is like a grandmother’s jam that You’ve missed a lot.

 How long have you been dealing with this project and what was the idea behind the whole concept?

We’ve started working with this project since Autumn 2012. The idea behind the whole concept was and still is – to reflect the Lithuanian village reality in this kind of ironic way, by telling the story through the school principal – a famous sportsman in the past who because of a serious trauma ends up in a distance village as the gym teacher and the school principal, confronting with several of the teachers, trying to get the school not closed.