Through 7 days starting from May 15th, we are presenting the best 7 Pitch Pages which made the print version of our World of Shorts Magazine. We’ll have interviews with the filmmakers as well! Check out the previous ones here

From our neighbor country Romania, Alina Manolache’s project “Traffic Lights” made the World of Shorts magazine with their unique pitch page. The 7-minute short is seeking co-production partners, since the €25,000 budget only has 10% covered.

Let’s see what Traffic Lights is about: Mara has the power to transform the world she lives in, as if everybody culd experience her emotions. Due to her thrills, a hot summer day in the bus gains surreal dimensions. As things begin to flutter wildly, something extraordianry happens. 

And our mini-interview with director Alina Manolache:

How does it feel to have people in Cannes looking at your upcoming project?

We are flattered, but this was our goal and we hope to attract as many glances as possible. Exposure is great  – exposure in Cannes is even better! We are in early stages of pre-production, so we are very curious about the effectiveness of our pitch.

What did you focus on when you were making your Pitch Page?

 We tried to be as visual as we could. Our story was written with a very specific visual style in mind, as our character Mara filters everything through an altered perception. So, following our storyline, we tried to make a collage with intriguing  elements that would arouse one’s curiosity and attention.

How do you like the magazine itself?

It’s effervescent, friendly and eye-candy as always! For me it works like a must-have guide for emerging filmmakers, I would say. I can’t wait for my first printed version!

 How long have you been dealing with this project and what was the idea behind the whole concept?

Well, although we had the script from last year, the project is really young, I would say a couple of months of work on pre-production. I have a beautiful team to work with and we are confident that we will manage to find support for this film and make it happen in a couple of months!