On June 14 at 8 pm at Terasa Cărturești, during the Street Delivery event, the NGO Balkans Beyond Borders will present its annual Short-Film Festival by projecting awarded films from previous editions, and films created during BBB’s film workshops. Everybody is invited to tune in to the BBB Short-Film Festival. They can make a first impression of what is going to follow in September when the 4th BBB Short Film Festival will take place.

Bucharest will host the 4th edition of the BBB Short-Film Festival on September 20-22, 2013. This year’s theme is “Reinventing Bridges”. Participants will have the opportunity to watch films made by young artists from the Balkans, and to select their favorite ones. Also, they can participate actively at workshops, engage in discussions with the young directors, visit exhibitions, enjoy the music parties, and take part to all interactive activities during the Festival. By so doing, everybody will hopefully be inspired to reinvent their own bridges.

Balkans Beyond Borders Short-Film Festival is BBB’s flagship activity. It is an annual thematic short-film festival that travels to a different Balkan city each year, celebrating Balkan diversity. It raises awareness to pressing contemporary issues, and engages both audience and creators to reflect on these issues through the medium of short-film. The different theme from each year provides inspiration for the young film creators to represent their own understanding of the Balkan identity.

More information about the Balkans Beyond Borders Short-Film Festival and related activities is available on the Balkans Beyond Borders website , on Facebook   and Twitter .

The organization

BBB is a non-profit organization formed by nine young individuals from South East Europe. Its objective is to make use of the art of short-film and new media in order to promote youth mobility and cooperation in the Balkan region, and thereby support the construction of its European identity. The goal is achieved through a wide network of young individuals who contribute to the thematic short-film festival, film making workshops, and academic oriented seminars.