Some of the people who are not really familiar with the film business think it is quite easy to create short films. You just grab your camera (as everybody has one nowadays), shoot something with your friends (we do hope that everybody has at least one nowadays), and open your editing software (as everybody has some nowadays). It certainly isn’t too complicated at this stage: if you are creative, strong-minded and persistent enough – or just rich enough to pay people who are.

After you’ve somehow managed to realise your plans it seems so difficult to do something with your films. In every filmmakers’ life there are moments when they think it is hopeless to get back the enormous effort they’ve put into their shorts.

We at Daazo do our best to foster the world of short films. We are there at every stage to support you or to offer opportunities. Let’s see how!

Do you have a brilliant short film plan?

Earlier this year we started a new initiative called the Pitch Page Project. As we have the website, the magazine, our blog and Facebook page on our side and all the producers, distributors, buyers – so people from the short film industry – who follow our activity on the other, we have decided to offer the opportunity for 7 promising, creative short film projects to be promoted. The Pitch Page project had a successful start at the Berlinale and an even more successful and visible edition in Cannes with a Pitching Wall in the Short Film Corner. We do believe that we have created a new format to explain short film plans. We are about to develop it further – to make it even more serviceable for the young talents who would like to launch their projects.

Do you have a short film?

Ok, you’ve made it! You’ve spent all your (and your parents’) savings, and a year on it. It was more difficult than giving birth to a baby. Congratulations. Now what? Festivals? Okay, good luck, you are busy for one and a half years – and going to festivals is one of the coolest things for filmmakers, so enjoy it and build your professional network.

But after the festival tour, there is more to benefit from your film. It would be foolish to create shorts in order to become rich, but it is quite realistic to aim to earn some revenue out of your film.

That is why we continually launch new projects like the Daazo Sales Portfolio, which is for selling the best films that have been uploaded to Daazo to external platforms – for a certain revenue. The test period is running right here in the Short Film Corner and we are eagerly looking for short films which we can offer, and for new partner platforms who would be glad to host our films.

Daazo serves one aim: to be the centre of European short films, so it can give the best professional opportunities to the filmmakers and provide the best content for its audience.
text by Dániel Deák