When films turn to discussion, photography becomes music and theatre evolves into a game…then we are building bridges bringing yet again the Balkans in Athens. The organisation Balkans Beyond Borders  brings us once again the Balkan atmosphere in the heart of Athens; this time in a space that makes us feel like home. The XAOYZ, (Thermopilon 41, Metaxourgeion, Athens) hosts and the team of Balkans Beyond Borders are inviting you to celebrate together two days of Balkan-style creative entertainment with Films, Music, Image, Theatre and more surprises.

On the first day, Thursday 4th of July, we bring the Balkans to the open air cinema building bridges between Athens, Tirana and Bucharest. The films have been selected based on the theme “Reinventing Bridges” which constitute the title of this year’s Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film festival, that will be held in Bucharest in September 2013 and were projected in BBB 2012 Festival in Tirana, and the interBalkan short film festival Altcine Action. Finally we will have the opportunity to vote for the best picture from the contest “Reinventing bridges in Athens” which will be exhibited in the  ΧΑΟΥΖ throughout the event.

On the second day, Friday 5th of July, we create our personal bridges by actively participating in a Balkan party where the camera meets the painting and theatre meets the improvisation via the performance of Dimitris Dimitriades. The night will continue with the dynamic balkan sounds of the unique DJ SPERY in an unforgettable evening.

BOTH days will comprise the live material for the realisation of a short-film with the topic “Re-inventing Bridges in the XAOYZ”, building bridges between art and real life, and making everyone…an actor!

A two-day event that will mix people and arts, an initiative to build together, and have fun in a slightly… different way

For more information visit the Balkans Beyond Borders website or check their Facebook. 

And also here is a PROMO video. Enjoy!