We at Daazo decided to be a little more patient, since it’s mostly hot outside and you might have missed the chance to submit your short animation/fiction/documentary, what have you. We invite you to take a 10-minute break from your beach activities so you can submit your newest or previous short films to the contest. Here’s why: 

The main reason for you to join the Impossible Film Contest is our super cool and valuable prizes. Check them out below:

– pre-production filmmaking software by Production Minds (worth approx. $400)

– the winning film featured in the Daazo Sales Portfolio for free

– VODmania Distribution Contract

– Daazo Gift 

– World of Shorts Highlight

Sounds good, right? We will be hard at work evaluating the submitted shorts and we always keep contenders close to us in the future, so this isn’t just one ride.

The submission fee for the Impossible Film Contest is €19.99 which you can pay through PayPal by clicking on this link. Don’t forget to add the title of your film as well!

While there are a million quotes about how you shouldn’t care about other contenders and to only worry about your own path to glory, we give you the opportunity to check out the shorts that are already in the competition, so just click here.