Do you want to follow the path of David Attenborough? Do you care that almost 1 billion people don’t have clean drinking water? Do you want to change the world and be on the cinema screen with your creative thoughts? If yes, then


 The organisers of Green-Go Short Film Contest are waiting for your creative/shocking/funny/explicit eye-openershort films in the following three categories:

 Life in plastic, it’s fantastic?

The waste we produce every day covers bigger and bigger areas of land and water, in places where flora and fauna once flourished.


 1)There is a plastic island in the Pacific in a place where our trash was carried out by oceanic currents.

2) Some of the islands in the Maldives are totally covered with the trash from tourists, trash that goes to landfill or it is burnt and makes living barely possible.

3)Each citizen of Europe produces half ton of waste every year that goes to incinerators, rubbish dumps or directly in the nature, causing more and more pollution.

If you want to live in a planet without waste and pollution, then show:

  • the problem of waste globally or locally
  • how to solve the problems caused by our waste
  • how to reduce, repair, reuse and recycle
  • an imaginary world with low waste production and where waste is not wasted.

Water – the drop of life

 Abrihet, his wife and their three children live in the Danakil region of Ethiopia, Africa. Over 50oC is nothing unusual here and the place is among the driest in the world. There is no water to be found for hundreds of miles around and the family’s survival depends on that small amount of water brought in a truck every week. This is used for drinking, cooking and washing.


 An average European citizen needs 2000-5000 litres of water every day to fulfil his/her needs. The production of food we buy (meat, milk, vegetables etc.), the showering or washing requires so much water. If you feel that this could be changed and it is important that the humankind should deal responsibly with our waters, then do not hesitate and

Show us how:

  • to save up more water without giving up our comfort
  • how people worldwide wastes and pollutes just through carrying out their ‘basic’  necessities
  • to protect our natural water resources
  • to protect water and water based ecosystems
  • we labour under a delusion that we have unlimited water resources until the end of times

Stayin’ alive

An old blue whale is swimming somewhere in the ocean. It could still recall the time when they were not harmed by whaling and human greed. While you are reading this call, the life of this whale is in danger. Just like the life of the Hirola antelope in the savannahs of Kenya, who probably at this moment is looking into the barrels of a poacher’s gun.  


Ever since the industrial whaling began in the 1930s, the number of the living blue whales has dreadfully decreased. During the past 80 years, 90% of the species was stamped out. Due to the developing killing techniques, only 40 years were enough to kill the same percentage of Hirola antilopes. There are less than 1000 of these antelopes in the world today. If you think it’s important to stop the extinction of species due to the human greed, then show us:

  • what the extinction of these species means for humankind
  • cases and effects of illegal hunting, smuggling, global and internet trade, etc.
  • initiatives on saving species
  • what we can do to stop extinction?


The short film should be:

  • A campaign film with maximum of 60 seconds


  • A short film between 60 seconds and 4 minutes

The films can be made in any genre (cartoon, animation, puppet film, documentary, interviews, etc) The shocking, saucy or dumfounding, in brief the eye-opener and impressive films will get a big plus during the evaluation.

Application requirements



Fill out the online application form


Send the original film file (in any film format) via the below detailed file transfer websites in high resolution (at least 720 px wide)

Besides the film file send us the following files via wetransfer (up to 2GB file size – or via My Air Bridge (up to 5GB file size –

Time-coded subtitle file in English (.srt format). A separate time coded subtitle file must be attached also to films without dialogues but with floating titles/texts. Only English subtitles are accepted!

3 captions from the short film (.jpg format)

  • Deadline: 30 September, 2013 CET 18:00
  • One Applicant can only submit a maximum of three videos (separate online application should be filled out).


Please, be aware that in the case that any of the criteria mentioned above is not met, we will not accept the application!


The received short films will be selected based on:

  • creativity
  • originality
  • strength of environmental and conservation messages
  • professionalism

In each category, according to the category-specific jury consisting of a journalist, film professional and a relevant NGO member. In each category, the jury will announce 3 nominated films for the best shorts (all together 9 shorts films) on the 1 October, 2013 and only ONE winner will be selected in each category during the Green-Go Day on 12 October, 2013.

Besides, all videos will be uploaded to the website by 13 October, 2013 in the short film contest’s menu ENTRIES (, where the visitors will be able to view the films and vote online for the best video between 18:00 CET 13 October, 2013 and 18:00 CET 25 October, 2013.

Only one public award, out of the total number of videos of all categories, will be dedicated to the video with the largest number of votes.

If any ethical concerns or the suspect of cheating in the mode of voting arise, we reserve the right to exclude the applicant from the contest without any further notice.

The list of the awarded videos will be announced and the best films will be screened during the 3rd Green-Go Day and Short Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary on 12 October, 2013.


  • One award-winner in each of the three categories:  350 Euros (Altogether three times 350 Euros)
  • Public-award for one film based on the online public votes: 200 Euros


4 sets of Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultra video editing softwares will be drawn amongst the contestants whose submissions are valid!