The English-language short film-centered magazine, World of Shorts (WOSH) evolved in 2011 from the blog of Budapest-based short film-hosting platform, (That’s us!) The copies of WOSH are available at the short film events and screenings of A-list film festivals. The new issue of the magazine appears in August 2013, focusing on the short film programmes of the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Venice Bienniale. Besides introducing some of the short film events and related workshops and programmes taking place at these two major film festivals, World of Shorts discusses the place of short films in museums from different points of view as well as training opportunities and other important short film related issues.

The third edition of Daazo’s innovating initiative, the Pitch Page Project takes place for the third time this year. The Pitch Page offers appearance in the magazine for short film projects currently in pre-production. The seven best projects have been chosen by a Jury presided by Alice Kharoubi, Head of Programme at the Short Film Corner in Cannes. The seven winning pitches will be featured in the magazine along with advice on pitching by experts.The projects will be displayed on Daazo’s Facebook page, too.

The magazine has been realised in cooperation with contemporary artists featuring works of modern art. In the Sarajevo section of WOSH, the selector of Sarajevo Current Shorts, Vanja Kaludercic offers insight into the selection process; readers can meet the Talents at this year’s Campus and find a fun map with the location of Sarajevo City of Films. The Venice section features the story of Torino Film Lab alumni Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia and their highly successful films Rita and Salvo; Festival Director Alberto Barbera tells about the short film scene of the Biennale; and Savina Neirotti introduces the Biennale College – Cinema. In the Short Films in Museums section, art historians and museum curators such as Rachel Rits-Volloch, the founding director of the MOMENTUM collection in Berlin, Márton Orosz, of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest or Christopher Eamon, curator of major exhibitions worldwide discuss the place of short film in museums, while Domenico La Porta, the editor-in-chief of Cineuropa writes about transmedia projects. Useful insight on pitching is offered to emerging filmmakers by Wim Vanacker, of the European Short Pitch; an infographic helps readers find their way in the maze of the upcoming major film festivals; and 10 film startups that should not be missed are introduced. The magazine offers creative and fun games for festival-goers to unwind between screenings.

The print issues of World of Shorts can be found at the venues of the Sarajevo and Venice film festivals and at their short film screenings.