The second „ZsiFi” – the Jewish Film Festival of Budapest (November 7-10, 2013) in cooperation with organizes a short film contest, with the motto „Everybody needs a team!”.

The team what I belong to. I identify myself with it. The team what I depend on. The team what helps me. We can adjust to our community and the teams around us in countless ways. But the essence is: everybody needs a team! And does everybody need a team indeed? We are looking for short films which show the sense of the title from a fresh perspective. We are looking for those films especially, which feature a creative approach to Judaism (religion, people, minority, or what have you).


– Any method, technique or device may be used to shoot your film- you can use your cell phone, your camera or anything else you see fit.

– The genre of the film may be of your choosing- you may choose to create an animation, a cartoon or any other type of short film.

– The film cannot be longer than 10 minutes.

– The work does not need to be brand new and you may submit films you have produced or directed in the past.

– As an applicant, you may submit more than one film, all of which will be judged in the tender.

– Citizens of any country or nationality may apply.

– The film has to be include English subtitles (in case it’s not in English)

– There is no entry fee.

The deadline to submit your film is October 15th, 2013.

The films – selected by the jury – will be screened at the Jewish Film Festival in Budapest. The awards ceremony will take place at the opening of the film festival where the results, as well as the winner of the „Best Short Film” will be announced.

Members of the jury:

Simon Szabó (director of Hungarian independent feature film „Paper Planes”)

Attila Till (cultural TV-show host)

Attila Mocanu (Head of Distribution at – European Short Film Centre)

Awards and prizes:

Audience choice for „Best Short Film”: a trip to London to the UK Jewish Film Festival in 2014, where the winning film will be screened.

The „Titanic Award” includes a season ticket to the race-card of the 21st Titanic International Film Festival.

Daazo Gift Bag for the Best Short Film under 5 minutes.


Bálint Ház

Cirko-Film Foundation

Titanic International Filmfest