Whether you are a filmmaker or just a fan of film, Daazo has collected together the 10 best film startups.                               

Tugg has the potential to get indie films distributed to places they wouldn’t usually make it to, and even to create a new platform for the distribution of independent films. It lets you create your own crowd-sourced film viewing event or alternatively attend those of others. Just choose a film from their library then create the event and Tugg will reserve the theatre for you. So all you have to do is wait for the screening, providing that the event was promoted successfully enough and reaches the minimum amount of attendees. The downside is that, currently, it is only available in the US.

Junto Box Films gives independent filmmakers a new kind of opportunity to get financing for their films. Just follow a series of steps, similar to the ones in the traditional film business, from writing loglines and synopses to writing the final script. The only difference is that the more buzz your project gets online, the more likely it is your film will be made. Junto therefore gets live feedback from the film’s theoretical audience by monitoring the number of followers and following the ratings of the project.

The Facebook app, Fandango, allows you to add movie clips to your timeline from your watched and rated film lists.

Indiefilmz.com supports independent filmmakers who upload their short films to the website, instantly making them available to a worldwide audience. Viewers pay $1.49 to watch a film, $1 of which  goes to the filmmaker.

Moviepilot lets its users subscribe to the upcoming movies they are looking forward to and open their own personal news stream where they can discuss all aspects of the movie with others. It also allows them to discover other films they may like based on what they have liked previously.

Milyoni.com is a “social video” platform which allows its users to interact with other viewers while watching films and concerts on a pay-per-view basis.

Based on their own personal taste in movies, Filmaster.com suggests to its users what they may like to see in their local theatres, what’s on television and what’s showing on Netflix. It started as an iPhone app but now has branched out to a website and even a Google TV interface.

As a new way to promote and sell personal projects, be it films or music, Veam is a promising-looking distribution platform. After uploading the content the user can set their own price. Veam will create an app which is ready to be distributed. It also lets the user gain insight into who is supporting their work. An interesting aspect of the app is that it can be used without an Internet connection, therefore no buffering is needed.

Production Minds is a platform for organising all aspects of pre-production. It makes storyboards, crew lists, script breakdowns, casting lists, locations,  dates and times available for the whole crew in a single place. It promotes creative collaboration and gets rid of messy e-mail threads.

With the app  Brickflow, you can create a social media slideshow using content from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and more. Using its live hashtag wall you can slide between photos, tweets and videos, showing your content’s story at any event.

by Joe Newson