The full programme for Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival has been announced! The sub-festival of the Black Nights Film Festival will showcase some of the very best shorts in the world to give exposure for those filmmakers who are right on the cinema’s cutting edge. Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival is centred around the Baltic Film and MediaSchool through numerous events –  four competitions, a number of retrospectives, plus  special meetings and talks with outstanding personas.

The Sleepwalkers International Competition gathers up some of the most visionary and exciting shorts with a mixture of established filmmakers and upcoming talents. It includes the Baltic Premiere of Lynne  Ramsay’s,  the director of We Need To Talk About Kevin, short film Swimmer. Ramsay’s poetic trawl through cinema’s history has already won the BAFTA award for Best Live Action. Besides, this International Competition is also comprising the World Premiere of Bosnia & Herzegovina film Adin and Ajna (Hotel Room Sarajevo) by Grant Gulczynski.

The Sleepwalkers Student Competition, with a prize Starman, features some of the most prestigious film schools in Europe and beyond – Columbia University, Poland’s LodzFilmSchool and  VGIK (the All Russian State University of Cinematography).  Regardless of the student limitation, the competition stands out with many award-winning short films. For example, funny yet poignant short by Jenni Toivoniemi The Date has already won this years Sundance Film Festival as the Best International Fiction.  And of course, Gabriel Gauchet’s The Mass of Men from UK, with the awards from Locarno to Tampere film festivals. The winning film will be awarded by Levira.

The Sleepwalkers Baltic Sea Competition extends over Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. This competition is dashing with the significant shorts especially from Poland. The Whistle by Grzegorz Zariczny which has won the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is  a deadpan Polish documentary about a referee.  Additive with a short You Built Me A Labyrinth  by Finnish director Lauri-Matti Parppei has au contaire created totally different level with its stylistic mixture of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie and David Lynch. The winning film will be awarded by a prize of Estonian Public Broadcasting.

The Sleepwalkers National Competition, with a prize Canon Overall, shows the breadth and diversity of filmmaking and filmmakers in Estonia. Last but not least, this competition will includeMaria Reinup’s Mai which has just been presented in Academy Award qualifying Leeds International Film Festival. Withal Moonika Siimets’ The Last Romeo, a recent winner of numerous prizes at the Best of the BFM award, these shorts makes successful adornment of our local achievements in film.

Other programmes will include a retrospective of the films from Screen AcademyScotland, starring Peter Mullan and Harry Potter star Shirley Henderson. Furthermore, Short Matters!from the European Film Academy, which is one of the most lauded films that covers short film subject matter, and special 10 minute retrospective from Russian filmmaker Alexei Dmitrieventitled Compensating  (A 10 Minute Retro strung out to an hour).

As Sleepwalkers Head of Programme Laurence Boyce said: “We’re really excited here with lots of great films from the likes of Lynne Ramsay to some new directors who are really going to blow audiences away. Sleepwalkers will be great to check out some truly brilliant films and we’re looking forward to audiences coming to discover what we have one offer.”

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