2013 will be remembered as an extremely successful year for the TorinoFilmLab (TFL): Salvo and The Lunchbox, both hailing from the TFL, have conquered the world, winning numerous important international awards, and have been sold to almost all continents. Another two first features: Wolf and Il sud e niente follow in their footsteps, having just begun their festival circuit with success.


But the staff behind the TorinoFilmLab don’t pause to applaud: while celebrating the success of completed films, they are already concentrating on the projects of the future.

Founded with the aim of complementing Torino Film Festival with the first laboratory in Italy dedicated to emerging filmmakers, TorinoFilmLab is an international scheme supporting young talents from all over the world through training, development and funding activities. The main focus is on first and second feature films.

As Savina Neirotti, director of the TFL says: „Storytellers need to have their voices heard. Original voices allow more people to live more creative and inspired lives.”

That’s why the Film Lab has organised another event which took place between November 25-27, within the Torino Film Festival. It brought together more than 200 industry professionals, including 120 decision makers from all over the world. The Sixth TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event was  a public presentation of the projects developed in the TFL programmes during the year, a market for international co-productions and a chance to reward the best projects with production grants and prizes.

The three-day event was divided into seven sessions: Sp (Script&Pitch), Ad (Audience Design), Al (Adapt Lab), Wr (Writers’ Room), Px (The Pixel Lab), Fw (FrameWork) and Bc (Biennale College-Cinema).

Applicants came to pitch from every corner of the world: filmmakers from almost every country in the EU gathered in the RAI Auditorium in the centre of Turin to present their film plans, and many more came from faraway countries like Chile, Brazil, or Israel to name but a few.

Daazo observed the FrameWork pitching day, within which 10 projects seeking co-production agreements were presented. Matthieu Darras, the Head of Programmes explained how the FrameWork programme of the Torino Film Lab covers the main areas of filmmaking, but with a special emphasis on storytelling. Scriptwriting development is followed by sound, music and directing tutoring, then postproduction guidance will be offered, and, finally, advice regarding funding and legal issues will be given.

The pitching sessions had a friendly atmosphere: some of the filmmakers had known each other and the tutors and members of the Jury already, as many of them return to Turin regularly with their new plans – and often end up presenting their films at prestigious film festivals like Berlin or Cannes.

The pitches were very versatile, introducing the applicants’ film plans with different tools. Atmospheric teasers; still images; footage showing real events from YouTube; pictures of the selected cast (including the dog!); words spoken passionately; music; and even a casting scene were presented to give an idea about the films waiting to be made.

The international Jury, which was chaired by Alberto Barbera, Director of Turin’s Museo Nazionale del Cinema and of Venice Film Festival, and comprised of Thanos Anastopoulos (Greece), director, Alec Von Bargen (USA/Mexico), visual artist, photographer and actor, Ewa Puszczyńska (Poland), TorinoFilmLab Alumna and producer (The Congress by Ari Folman, Cannes 2013 and multi-awarded Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski, Toronto 2013), and Ada Solomon (Romania), producer (Child’s Pose by Calin Peter Netzer, Golden Bear at Berlinale 2013), had a very difficult job in choosing the winning projects that will get immediate financial support. Finally, it decided to award four Production Awards (amounting to a total of € 230.000).

The list of winners is as follows:

Godless by Ralitza Petrova (Bulgaria) – € 50.000

Mountain by Yaelle Kayam (Israel) – € 65.000

No One’s Boy by Fernando Guzzoni (Chile/France) – € 65.000

Freaking by Julia Ducournau (France) – € 50.000


The Audience Award of € 30.000 went to:

Lily and the Dragonflies by René Guerra (Brazil)


For more information on the TFL, visit http://www.torinofilmlab.it/



words by Zsuzsanna Deák