Organizers of the EKRAN 2014 Programme have extended the deadline for submission to January 20th for projects from Visegrad countries. EKRAN is a  hands-on training programme focusing on the crea

 tive pre-production process, based  in Warsaw, Poland. Participation in this programme is FREE.

What is EKRAN?

EKRAN (polish world for “screen”) is a unique hands-on training programme focusing on creative pre-production process. EKRAN helps to find the right tone for the film, develops the skills of storytelling with images, gives an opportunity to experiment with casting and casting trials. Every participating project is represented by a creative team consisting of a director (or writer/director), a writer (or co-writer), a producer, and optionally, a director of photography.

Making of EKRAN 2013 watch here.

This year one of the films developed on EKRAN is German Oscar 2013 candidate: “Two Lives” by Georg Mass. Trailer of the film watch here.


The EKRAN process includes three sessions, which are:

– Treatment and / or script development

– Preparation for shooting; casting, storyboard and individual consultancy with tutors

– Shooting; tutors’ directing consultancies

– Editing; tutors’ editing consultancies

– Evaluation; group and tutor analysis of the produced scenes

– Pitching; presentation of participants’ projects

– Production and Marketing strategies; individual consultancy on participants’ projects

                                                                                                                                                            EKRAN 2013 scenes/ photo: Magda Chołyst, Wajda Studio

As the creative pre-production process is based on teamwork, EKRAN includes each of the key creative roles in its training curriculum. Every participating project is therefore represented by a Creative Team consisting of a director (or writer/director), a writer (or co-writer), a producer and, optionally, a director of photography. EKRAN trains directors not only to develop each aspect of their Projects, but also to tighten the collaborative working process with the writer/co-writer, producer and DoP.


Graduates of last edition summarize their EKRAN experience:

Best workshop I ever took part. (Marcus Lenz, Germany)


I have loved the whole experience. I think spiritually I have grown at least one meter up. The tutors are amazing, participants too, and this experience was extremely useful to me and our project, both professionally and personally. Really amazing. I enjoyed it utterly. (Lana Barić, Croatia)


I enjoyed personal and professional experiences. Very good atmosphere to experiment. Great organization. I feel more confident on my project now. (Stephan Richter, Austria)


The European training programme EKRAN supported by MEDIA Training EU Programme, is a collaborative project between the Andrzej Wajda Studio and Film School, FOCAL (Switzerland),  Austrian Film Institute (Austria), Croatian Audiovisual Fund (Croatia), Lithuanian Film Centre (Lithuania) with support of International Visegrad Fund, Polish Film Institute, AGORA Foundation, Association of Polish Filmmakers.




Teraz ja” (It’s me, Now) by Anna Jadowska (Best Debut Award at the Gdynia Film Festival in 2005); „Out of bounds” by Fulvio Bernasconi (Best Actor Award at the Locarno International Film Festival 2007); „Ma salama Jamil” by Omar Shargavi, produced by Zentropa, (Rotterdam Tiger Award at 2008 IFF Rotterdam), “Coeur animal” by Séverine Cornamusaz (Swiss Film Prize “Quartz 2010” for Best Feature & Best Actor); „Songs of love and hate” by Katalin Gödrös (IFF Locarno, IFF Rotterdam, Warsaw Film Festival, IFF Mannheim-Heidelberg, IFF Salsbrücken, IFF Palm Springs); “Ki” by Leszek Dawid, Poland, premiere in 2011 (Venice Days – IFF Venice 2011); “Fear of falling” by  Bartek Konopka, Poland, premiere in 2011, (The Silver Gateway Award for the Second Best Film at 2011 Mumbai Film Festival);  “Daas” by Adrian Panek, produced by ArgoMedia, Poland; premiere in 2011; (Eagels 2011 Polish Film Awards – nomination for Best Debut – Adrian Panek), “Courage” by Greg Zglinski (Flash Forward, IFF Busan 2011). “Sohnemaenner” by Ingo Haeb, Germany). “Sanctuary” by Norah McGettigan, premiere in 2012(Best of Show film at 2012 Indie Fest, California, USA). “Two lives” by Georg Maas, Germany, German Oscar 2013 candidate; German premiere – 19th September 2013.



The Tuotors of the EKRAN Programme are world-famous filmmakers: Andrzej WajdaVolker SchloendorffAlexander Sokurov,Wojciech Marc­zewski (Head of  EKRAN Programme), Jerzy ZielińskiMogens Rukov (Denmark); Ildiko Enyedi (Hungary); Udayan Prasad,  Denijal Hasanovic, Paweł PawlikowskiWitold StokJan Fleischer (Czech Republic), Marilyn MilgromAntoine Jaccoud(Switzerland), Roshanak Behesht Nedjad (Germany).



EKRAN is based on teamwork and involves professionals from several fields.  The primary target group consists of European directors or writer/directors who have realised their first feature or several shorts. Writer/directors will participate with their own treatment/script, whereas directors will participate with a treatment/script they are developing with their co-writer.  In order to be accepted by EKRAN, the creative team should be consisting of:

– director or writer/director

– the writer or co-writer of the script (where applicable)
– the producer committed to the project
– the director of photography they intend to work with (optional)

The writer or co-writer, producer and director of photography are the secondary target group of the programme.  However each and every professional team member will be given specific guidance by experts with professional experience in each of the creative teams’ production roles throughout the programme.



The application must contain:

1) CVs of all team members (3 copies, plus an electronic version on CD)
2) a 10 page (maximum) feature film Treatment (3 copies, with electronic version on CD) – (if the script exists it should be translated into English and available for individual consultancy for the first session)

3) proposal of two scenes from treatment/script to be realized within EKRAN programme
4) a letter of commitment from the producer or the producer’s production company, as well as a producer’s statement outlining their intended strategy for the development of the project (1 copy)
5) an entry form signed by all the members of the team (1 copy) – available here: http://www.wajdastudio.pl/pliki/application_form_for_ekran_2013.doc
6) a DVD of the director’s work (1 copy)

7) optionally filmography and samples of the director of photography’s work (1 copy)


All applications from Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) must be sent until 20th January 2013 to:



Wajda Studio | Wajda School
Chełmska 21

00-724 Warsaw





1st session: 31st of March – 10th of April 2014

2nd session: 2nd – 12th of June 2014

Follow-up session: 2 days in December  2014


More information about programme and sessions: www.ekran.info.pl www.facebook/EKRANprogramme