With my movie I want to recall the audience that it is better there where we are loved, and happiness is in our hearts – not in wallets or wealthy countries.

Why was it important for you to apply to the European Short Pitch?

“The Visit” is my newest project. I have not written original scripts before, they were all adaptations. Moreover I have never tried writing a script for co-production. So ESP became a great challenge for me and a push at the same time.  And that is only the beginning.

How do you define a good script and how did you see your chances when you applied?

For me a good script is the one you “see” when you read it. And smell, and taste and feel it also. The one with a distinct atmosphere, which involves you all, not leaving spaces for disbelief. To write one like that,  you should know the world you describe. It should touch you deeply.

I knew what I wrote about and writing itself was beneficial. I did not try to foresee my chances while applying, as a “good script” may be a different thing for the juries, so it is of no use. Now, participating in the ESP I would like to know what is a good script for others, especially for script professionals.

Tell us about where you come from and how you got involved with films.

I am from Ukraine, being born in Lviv region. When I studied languages in Kirovograd I got used to visit one library film club. There I watched Tarkovskiy, Fellini, Godard, Antonioni and others, not knowing they were cinema classics. I was impressed, and the club day – Friday – was a real holiday. Though, it still took about five years for me to decidee to study in this direction. And a day to leave the office job for writing scripts and preparing film projects… Well, that’s what I am doing now.

Why is your film important to make, what does it tell the audience?

People want to be happy and they look for happiness everywhere. “It is always better there where we are not”. With my movie I want to tell the audience that it is better there where we are loved, and happiness is in our hearts – not in wallets or wealthy countries.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I like the process, creating the world in my mind, on the paper, in reality with the team. It is all about creation. And the life is so generous for material and ideas.

What do you think about short films in general? How do people relate to it around you?

Life is fast nowadays, thus shorts are quite natural. They do not take much of your time, but give strong emotions and make you think not less than feature films. Young people like shorts, I think, as it is lots of different experience during one hour. But still if you want to make people think longer about your idea, you need more time to involve them. “Big things” require more time. Anyway, the audience has a choice.