The young Albanian filmmaker shares with us how Nisi Masa influenced her work.


Why was it important for you to apply to the European Short Pitch?

I have been following the previous script contest as a fan of their activity, admiring the winners that had the chance to be part of the workshop and got to be with such great filmmakers. Since I used to write and was impressed by their work, the short pitch books they published, and the people who worked for them, I started to write a script especially for this contest. I wouldn’t call it “forcing myself” – it just came to me, and Nisi Masa was playing the chords of my inspiration for a long time till it came to this “melody”.

 How do you define a good script and how did you see your chances when you applied?

The script must make permanent something that in nature is temporary or transitory, by giving us the very truth of the actions and make one go through and emotional experience. I can say I wasn’t hoping. Hope is something that at least doesn’t let you think negatively. There was always a yes, just after I had said no chance.

 Tell us about where you come from and how you got involved with films.

I come from Kosovo. I think watching good movies, by but good directors, and analyzing them, was a great inspiration. And I found that filmmaking could satisfy my sense of an observer and the curiosity to capture the moment.

 Why is your film important to make, and what does it tell the audience?

 “An old housing complex encircling a space in between”- I see the whole place as a minimized version of the reality itself. We may be seen in the frame or not, but we are all part of this reality. One will have a chance to feel since the characters are so human, so natural. It will be a poetic storytelling and there will be more to meditate than just to see.

 What inspires you to do what you do?

 The distance I keep with the surroundings that make me see things without getting involved. I’m a very curious character… And yeah, reading, definitely !

 What do you think about short films in general? How do people  around you relate to this format ?

People around me see them as easier to realise , since short films cost less, but I think their strength is that they point at an idea, the short and precise way of getting the core and telling a lot.