As the poet Muriel Rukyser said “The Universe is made of stories, not atoms.”  We genuinely believe that stories are important, and we have a few of our own that we would like to tell.


Why was it important for you to apply to the European Short Pitch?

Taking part in a scriptwriting workshop with such amazing mentors is the best way imaginable for us to develop our script and to get ready for filming. The co-production forum is an invaluable opportunity for us to meet potential co-production partners for this film and for other upcoming projects.

How do you define a good script and how did you see your chances when you applied?

A good script is one that successfully creates an imaginary world filled with colorful characters and a compelling storyline that takes the reader on an emotional journey. It’s hard to predict the outcome of such competitions, so we just focused on making our application as good as it could possibly be and hoped for the best.

Tell us about where you come from and how you got involved with films.

Film has always been my passion and I knew wanted to be a filmmaker since I was a kid. The writer/director Daina O. Pusic and I both come from Croatia where we studied film at the same university. What really brought us together is the fact that we both did our postgraduate degrees in London. Daina’s graduate film at London Film School, produced last year, was our first collaboration.

Why is your film important to make, what does it tell the audience?

BEAST OF BURDEN is a story that is very eccentric and intimate at the same time. It explores the nature of feminine relationships and the shifting dynamics of power through the themes of aging and family bonds. And the main villain is a bat.

What inspires you to do what you do?

As Muriel Rukeyser said, ‘The universe is made up of stories, not of atoms’. We genuinely believe that stories are important, and we have a few of our own that we would like to tell.

What do you think about short films in general? How do people relate to it around you?

Short films are often seen as stepping-stones to feature length films. But just like a short story isn’t a novel with fewer pages, short films are a great art form in themselves. Lots of established filmmakers such as Todd Haynes and Roman Coppola keep making shorts even after they’ve made successful feature length films. I think it’s important to keep that freedom and to create whatever feels right.


European Short Pitch 2014 – Selected Projects