After five days of festival, the sixth edition of Go Short was a great success. Just like last year, the festival has grown. On Saturday 12 April Go Short announced the award winners of the European Competition, the Dutch and the Breaking Short Student Competition, and the Youth Award. These prizes are handed out by two international jury’s and a youth jury. In the European competition, the prize winning fiction film is Pride, Rogalik won the award for best documentary, Hu Wei was present to receive the award for best art film for his film Butter Lamp and The Obvious Child is crowned as best European animated film. The youth jury gave Even Cowboys Get to Cry the prize for the Youth Award. On Sunday 13 April the Audience Award was announced. Rabbit and Deer is chosen as the audience favorite.

Go Short Audience Award by Poelmann van den Broek to the value of € 1.500,-

Rabbit and Deer

Péter Vácz / animation / Hungary / 2013 / 16’

Audiences favorites top 5: 1. Rabbit and Deer by Péter Vácz 2. Butter Lamp by Hu Wei 3.The Swing of the Coffin Maker by Elmar Imanov 4. Suburban God by Elsbeth Fraanje 5. Even Cowboys Get to Cry by Mees Peijnenburg

NTR Go Short Award for Best European Short Fiction Film to the value of € 1.000,-


Pavel Vesnakov / Bulgaria, Germany / 2013 / 30’ (Dutch premiere)

Jury report: The fiction category award goes to a film that, for us, embodies true collaborative craftsmanship in filmmaking. Powerful performances present complex characters. Excellent pacing plays with a traditional format of storytelling creating scenes brimming with explosive tension.

NTR Go Short Award for Best European Short Documentary Film to the value of € 1.000,-


Pawel Ziemilski / Poland / 2012 / 17’

Jury report: We are grateful to the filmmaker and his protagonists to give us a humble insight into the lives of people who are the heroes of a film that is accompanied by the soundtrack of their lives.

NTR Go Short Award for Best European Short Art Film to the value of € 1.000,-

Butter Lamp

Hu Wei / France / 2013 / 16’

Jury report: The winner in this category is a seemingly simple film  about change and globalization and much more. It is a film that is not easy to categorize as it  speaks to us through the faces of real people but does not pretend to present real situations. For showing the power of the art of short films the jury give the prize to Butter Lamp by Hu Wei.

Special mention for art film

I Can’t Cry Much Louder Than This

Robert Cambrinus / art / Austria / 2013 / 11’ (Dutch premiere)

Jury report: A special Mention for Art Film is given as an encouragement to a piece that shows our inability to penetrate the constant stream of imagery that is poured over us continuously and leaves us with no other option but to shed tears.

NTR Go Short Awards for Best European Short Animation Film to the value of € 1.000,-

The Obvious Child

Stephen Irwin / United Kingdom / 2013 / 12’

Jury report: We loved the way this animated film takes the ingredients of dark children’s fairytales and storybooks and takes them to new perverted extremes. The maker shows great control over his medium by making unconventional but successful choices in voice-over and music to complete his stunning visual style.

Dioraphte Encouragement Award for Best Student Short Film to the value of € 5.000,-

Two at the Border

Tuna Kaptan, Felicitas Sonvilla / documentary / Germany, Turkey / 2013 / 30’

Jury report: A film in which courage not only applies to the protagonists, but also concerns the way in which the directors took many risks in getting close to a subject that is almost impossible to access. Torn between despair and hope, the film took us on a gripping journey to an uncomfortable but inevitable fate. Without becoming judgmental, the filmmakers succeeded in giving us an uneasy perspective on humanistic borders, while leaving enough room for our own reflections.

Special mention for student film


Matus Vizar / animation / Slovakia / 2013 / 12’

Jury report: A film after which we found ourselves constantly recalling the absurdistic scenes and explicit imagery the director confronted us with. With great virtuosity and timing, we where pulled into a despicable universe from which we couldn’t escape. However grotesque and rancid the film may seem, it greatly succeeds in becoming a painful mirror on our own being.

VEVAM Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short Film to the value of €2.500,-

Travellers into the Night

Ena Sendijarevic / fiction / the Netherlands / 2013 / 9’

Jury report: We were charmed by the seemingly simple and yet rich scenario, filled with unexpected twists and turns. Without a single word the filmmaker created an intense atmosphere supported by a mysterious and intriguing chemistry between the well casted characters. The uncertainty of the situation suddenly gives way to charming and lighthearted moments, accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

Special mention for Dutch short


Douwe Dijkstra / art / the Netherlands / 2013 / 12’

Jury report: The refreshing mix of absurdism, surprising visuals and great craftsmanship makes this film really stand out in this very strong selection. Without the use of conventional narratives, the filmmaker presented us a mindblowing bombardment of visual ideas, a critical yet humoristic view on warfare and above all a revolutionary approach on storytelling. We hope to see a lot more of this artist in the future.

Go Short Youth Award

Cowboys Janken Ook

Mees Peijnenburg / fiction / the Netherlands / 2013 / 20’​

Jury report: It is a beautiful and overwhelming film. The camera work is very beautiful, you are completely drawn into the story. Also the acting contributes to that. We could empathize very well in the story and the characters. We wish you a rewarding career as a film maker.