Who: Young people 15-25 years old coming from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Czech Republic

When: 28th July-10th August

Where: Banská Stiavnica

Workshop Topic: Power


Video and Experimental Film 1 – lecturer: Mišo Suchý

Video and Experimental Film 2 – lecturers: Róbert Lakatos and Arthur Bálint

Photography – lecturers: Juraj Fifik and Tomáš Manina

Performance Art – lecturers: József Juhász R. and Nastja Säde Rönkkö

Under the guidance of professionals you make a film and present it, you make photographs and exhibit them, or you make a performance out in the streets. You get to meet young people from the countries around with similar interests, and also you cooperate with experienced professionals who help you to develop your ideas. You present your work on 8th August 2014 at Summer Film Seminar 4 Elements for which you get a free pass and you can watch many interesting films lectured introductions. Your work will be presented on the MPhilms.

Deadline to send your application is 1st June 2014.


For more information visit MPhilms.