still from Love Games (Korean animation, 2012)

Vilnius Film Short International Film Festival is the biggest short film festival in Baltic countries, presenting the newest and best short films from all around the world. For the 9th time this year, the festival represents a unique platform in Lithuana, screening professional short films from around the world, and the short films made by the upcoming generation of the talented filmmakers.

Every year Vilnius Film Shorts offers the international short film competition program, which consists of around 60 most acknowledged short films produced during the last two years. The films are considered and awarded by the International Jury. A huge focus on Lithuanian short films is always presented to the audience – every year a special program of newest, retrospective, thematic or specific filmmaker based program is on board.

We at Daazo are constantly looking around to find short film gems in the colorful filmmaking scene of all Europe. Dániel Deák is representing Daazo and Hungary itself at the Baltic Pitching Forum (which is part of the festival), where Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian filmmakers present their short film projects to the international panel board. The lectures and discussions on relative topics are also scheduled in the event.

Check out the detailed program of the festival here, and their Facebook page as well.


The festival logo and the still is taken from the Facebook page of the festival, it’s in their property.