Daazo’s team has recently started its new service: the Festival Strategy Service. Since we have been part of the short film industry for a while, we have been asked by many filmmakers how and where to send their films. Which festivals and markets are relevant, how is it possible to get the most out of a film. In order to help even more young talents, we started a new service which is accessible for everyone.

Daazo’s objective with the Festival Strategy Service is to make the life of filmmakers, production companies, and film schools easier. What does it mean exactly? In this service, we put everything we got out from the seven last years we spent in the European film industry. And yes, we have seen a lot… Wake up! Tricks to get your film screened in a festival exist!!!

We offer a consultation and administration service for young filmmakers to help them decide which festivals would be the most suitable to their film. We also do all the administration part through existing platforms and through our own channels as well. And be honest! You don’t want to do this work, you have other stuff to worry about. Your next film for example, your exams or your upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

There are platforms that have existed since when you were still in elementary school: Withoutabox will celebrate its 15th anniversary in January. But. Existing platforms don’t do the work for you! You still need to put a lot of energy and money in managing a successful festival run. Film Festival Service does this work for you. You don’t have to do the boring bit: you’ll only hear from festivals when the good news of acceptance arrives – but you can always check your film’s festival submission progress in our feedback sheet. We work with many films already, for example Réka Bucsi’s Symphony No. 42 has had a very successful festival run, and now it is competing for an Oscar.

We are also there for production companies where this issue is even more relevant. A lot of work often charged to an enthusiastic intern – but do they have the expertise to deal with it?

For schools, the real issue is that they have a high number of films made by students and they have to do a preselection themselves if they do not want to go crazy with all those films waiting to be submitted to festivals.

Hand over this work to our team which consists of highly experienced film professionals who are always present at the major film festivals worldwide with close contacts with most of these festivals.


Do you want to hear more details?

Check out the official Festival Strategy System page on Daazo, feel free to contact us at info@daazo.com or via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daazo.