The 30th Interfilm Short Film Festival announced their winners yesterday, as the festival has come to an end. Daazo gave out a special Festival Strategy Award for one lucky filmmaker, here are the winners:

International Competition

Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award – Best Film
€ 6000 from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Link
Edouard Salier, France, 2013, 22:00 min

Best Live-Action
€ 2000 from SAE Institute Berlin Link
Stéphane Bergmans, Belgium, 2013, 15:00 min

Best Animation
1.000,- € from Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK)
Laznia (Baths)
Tomek Ducki, Poland, 2013, 4:25 min

Best Cinematography
Postproduction, value of € 9000 from ARRI Mitte
Edouard Salier, Frankreich / Frankreich, 2013, 22:00 min


Confrontations – Films against Violence and Intolerance

1st Prize
€ 2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education
Shahin Mohammad Bagher, Iran / Syria, 2013, 1:52 min

2nd Prize
€ 1000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education
Transit Game
Anna Fahr, Canada / Lebanon, 2014, 18:00 min

Pommes Frites
Balder Westein, Netherlands, 2013, 2:00 min


Documentary Competition:

Best Documentary
Audiece Award 1.000 € from Takeda Pharma
Dieter Deswarte, Russia, 2013, 19:00 min


German Competition
1st prize
€ 1000 from Luzia Link
Spela Cadez, Slovenia / Germany, 2013, 12:30 min

2nd prize
Film Equipement Rental worth € 2.500 from 25p *MEDIA GROUP
Der Fall
Alexandre Koberidze, Germany, 2013, 10:00 min


Green Screen Award:

Best Environmental Film
Audience Award 1.500 € from Heinrich Böll Foundation
Siqi Song, China / USA, 2014, 3:30 min
Mauersegler Shortfilm Award

1st prize:
1.500 Euro & 10×2 Travel Coupons from Stiftung Apfelbaum and
Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los und nachts stehen wir auf, um nicht zu träumen
Susann Maria Hempel, Germany, 2014, 18:00 min

2nd prize:
1.000 Euro & 5×2 Travel Coupons from Stiftung Apfelbaum and
MC. Czlowiek z winylu
Bartosz Warwas, Poland, 2010, 20:30 min

3rd prize:
500 Euro & 3×2 Travel Coupons from Stiftung Apfelbaum and
Schätz doch mal! Das Quiz mit Hausverwalter Martin
Hubert Märkl, Germany 2009, 10:30 min



Audience Award for the weirdest & most wonderful film:
€ 1000 from Ampelmann
Pryg-Skok / Hopfrog
Leonid Shmelkov, Russia, 2012, 5:00 min


Viral Video Awards

Audience Award:
€ 1000 from Fritz Kola
Little Chicks Take Their First Flight
Djawid Hakimyar, Germany, 0:41 min – watch film

Award for Best Political Viral:
€ 1000 from the Heinrich Böll Foundation Link for the best political viral addressing climate change, democracy or justice.
Most Shocking Second a Day Video
Richard Beer, England, 1:33 min – watch film
interForum – Script Pitch

Best Script Pitch:
1000 € by 25p *MEDIA GROUP
Matthew Murdoch, England

Jury Award:
Participation at European Short Pitch 2015 supported by a grant by NISI MASA – European Network for Young Cinema
Gábor Osvath, Hungary

Daazo Festival Strategy Service Award – One year of festival strategy service managing the festival submissions by Daazo:
The Champion
Manasseh Mbiata Chege, Kenia


1st Prize
2.500,- € from Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Miniyamba / Walking Blues
Luc Perez, Denmark/France, 14:30 min – watch film

2nd Prize
1.000,- € from Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Die Kakerlake
Stephan Ganoff, Germany, 17 min

3rd prize:
500,- € from Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
37°4 S
Adriano Valerio, France, 12 min


Car Shorts Award
1st Prize
€ 3,000 from Direct Line – Link
Újratervezés / My Guide
Barnabás Tóth, Ungarn, 12 min – watch film

2nd Prize
€ 2,000 from Direct Line – Link
Crash Course
Simon Heath, Neuseeland, 4 min – watch film

3rd Prize
€ 1,000 from Direct Line – Link
Gelato Go Home
Alasdair Brotherston & Jock Mooney, England, 3,33 min – watch film