The 9th Zubroffka International Shortfilm Festival opened its gate 2 days ago, in Bialystok, Poland. It’s been a great two days, filled with wonderful and interesting people and of course a huge amount of shortfilms, made by talented filmmakers from all around the world. The two main categories of the competition is the Whole Wide World, Eastward Window, Kids, Students, Amateurs and Independent section, every screening contains 5-6 shortfilms. Today marks the halfway point of the festival, so let’s take a look at Daazo’s top 5 films from the last two days.

1. My Own Personal Moose  / Mój własny łoś, directed by Leonid Shmelkov, Russia 2013

The story of Misha, a sweet and quiet little boy, who’s biggest dream is to meet a moose in person. His colorful imagination gets him distracted from the real world sometimes, which is ruled by his tired but loving father. The beautiful animation, the sweet story and the melancholic atmosphere makes this shortfilm one of the best at the festival (so far).

2. A Simpler Life / Ett enklare liv, directed by Gunhild Enger, Sweden, 2013

A middle-aged married couple is living in a tight gardenhouse in the quiet suburbs. She is obsessed with training, he is obsessed with the garden. They live next to each other but they don’t communicate anymore, they’re way to busy for that. Their house is fully equipped with technical gadgets which are supposed to make their life easier, but they’re actually making it harder. Great cinematography, wonderful actors, and hilarious but tragic feeling at the same time – these are just a few of the many features that gets swedish filmmakers always in the top 5.

3. Stew & Punch, directed by Simon Ellis, United Kingdom, 2013

A young couple is keeping a housewarming party for a few friends. He’s making the stew, she’s making the punch. The whole evening is about the who’s in charge, who’s the real man in the relationship. Real people in a real story with the brilliant british humour makes it feel like there was no script at all. It’s great.

4. Beach boy, directed by Emil Langballe, United Kingdom, 2014

A touching story (similar to Ulrich Seidl’s Paradies Trilogy: Love) of the young Kenyan boy Juma, who dreams of a better life abroad. His girlfriend is working in another country. Running away from poverty, he’s keeping company to elderly wealthy women, who are coming to Kenya for holiday.

5. A Dog’s Life / Šuns dienos, directed by Ieva Veiveryte, Lithuania, 2013

A mother and her 40 year old daughter is living together. Its a complicated relationship, with a lot of tension and unspoken feelings. The daughter wants to be free, but she don’t know how to be independent. The story recalls the ‘La Pianiste’ by Michael Haneke, with dominating mothers and their broken daughters. Strong actors with full of tension.

Take a look at the whole programme of the festival, here!

The film stills are taken from the official page of Zubroffka International Shortfilm Festival.