Visegrad Film Forum is a wonderful place to watch some of the greatest student shortfilms, from all around Europe. The audience had a chance to watch shortfilm from FAMU Prague, UNATC Buchurest, SZFE Budapest, ADU Zagreb, LMTA Vilnius, Lodz Film School, AGRFT Ljulbljana and VSMU Bratislava. Here’s the programme!

End of Puberty (SZFE Budapest, directed by Fanni Szilágyi)

FAMU Prague

Apollo, Daphne and Darkness / animated, directed by: Martina Mrazova: The theme of the film is inspired by the myth Apollo and Daphne written by Publius Ovidius Naso. Relationship between a man and a women is irreversibly affected by the invasion of mocking god Eros.

Iigor’s Big Emotion / documentary, directed by Jan Strejcovský: Igor’s big emotion of Igor Chaun is an obstacle race for one of the most talented czech modern film director. Todays self-reflection of his own tourtuousness is melting with reconstructed fragments of laboriously asleep memory. But sleeping demons can’t be laid to rest forever by calling oneself a “spiritual seeker” – in brain death they linger on directing but an instant spiritual séance. Film is an attept to discontinue sedatives and resurrect the director, who lavishly commited suicide issuing his Diary named A Death of the Director to construct his imperium incorporating ocultisims from all over the world.

Retriever / directed by Tomas Klein: Milan‘s wife left him with his son and he steals them the last memory of a happy and functional family – retriever Goldy. Goldy becomes Milan’s guide to his life, soul and mind. In Milan‘s mind a pack of wild dogs together with Goldy are running around and bringing him back to his family

UNATC Buchurest

Anna / fiction, directed by Alexandru Badea: Anna is loaded with debts. She is very ill. Although she has a son somewhere, Anna is alone. And this is how she will end.

In the House / fiction, directed by Ana-Maria Comanescu: In the attic, a group of young people gathered for a party…

Sounds of a Tuning Orchestra / fiction, directed by Germain Kanda: Octav, physics scientists, realizes that he can no longer smile. He struggles to solve his problem, but has no result. In the end, he finds the root of his problem with the help of music.

SZFE Budapest

2nd Floor / documentary, directed by Hajni Kiss: An intimate look into the life of a home for the elderly, and the story of a male nurse who tries his best to cheer up the tenants.

Junkyard / fiction, directed by Lili Kemény: Karin, a young village girl desperate for a job joins an aristocratic household as a French tutor. Gradually she notices that all over the house objects keep disappearing – both worthless trinkets and priceless heirlooms get lost or misplaced with alarming frequency. She becomes a player in a long-running game of theft and suspicion, of control and rebellion as she tries to carve out a place for herself in the self-absorbed and nonsensical world of lords and ladies.

The End of Puberty / fiction, directed by Fanni Szilágyi: Teenage sisters, who are non-identical twins, meet a boy on a beautiful summer day, who acquaints them with their sexuality. This experience guides their feelings into different directions and creates a moment that puts an end to their unity. They must face the end of their adolescence. The story expresses the desire for the unknown and another dimension far away from one’s comfort zone.

ADU Zagreb

Hands / fiction, directed by Jasna Nanut: After a short and intense relationship, Mišel is left alone and broken. He starts looking for love again, but in all the wrong places…

Habitual Loser / fiction, directed by Luka Čurčić: A game of ping-pong in the courtyard of the mental hospital between two close friends, a visitor and a patient. The patient is a habitual loser but this time the friend visiting has to accept his personal defeat.

Here Comes The Train / documentary, directed by Igor Husak: Two years after railroad reconstruction, train triumphantly returns to city of Daruvar, to connect it with the rest of the Croatia. After big welcome party, train station returns to its everyday life – empty train and terminal.

LMTA Vilnius

Dembava / fiction, directed by Laurynas Bareisa: Last night Matas and Tomas kidnapped and raped a girl. Now it’s morning and both are at a loss atwhat to do next. Brothers circle their hometown, visit familiar places and slowly descend intodarkness both will be unable to climb out of. As night falls we see how their story comes to an end.Last year police discovered a burnt car in a forest near Dembava, Lithuania. A girls’ body wasfound in the trunk of that car. This film does not try to explain why these things happen. It just takesyou to that place – modern day Lithuanian countryside.

I’m a Twenty Something / fiction, directed by Marija Kavtaradze: It’s friday night in Vilnius(Lithuania). Julija, Paulius and Laurynas are twenty-something friends who want to go out and have fun. They can choose any bar or party. However they are constantly haunted by boredom and inability to decide what they want. It’s a sad comedy about our generation and the question “if somewhere is better?”

Floor Scrapers / fiction, directed by Vytautas Katkus, Marija Kavtaradze: It is a gentle sense story about floor scraping and friends that just have moved in together.

LODZ Film School

An Incredibly Elastic Man / animation, directed by Karolina Specht: The story of a man without shape. Given this efimeral body he is constraint to deal with the people, things and places that are constantly shaping him. Can one live completely detached from others, from reality? Who and what decides of who we are in the end?

Fragments / fiction, directed by Agnieszka Woszczynska: A collection of loosely connected scenes, depicting a breakdown of a relationship and a collapse of the world to which the main female character is desperately clinging on to. Anna and her partner have well-paid jobs, intense sex and go jogging every other morning. They live comfortable yet monotonous bourgeois life. That makes Anna slowly fall apart

Maja / fiction, directed by Jakub Michnikowski:  The wind is blowing, an anxious dog is barking in the yard. Maja and her family gather over the body at the wake. The girl watches through the window. Her grandfather is gone, but there is an old magical willow, and there are enchanted spirits in the music.

My Brother’s Life / documentary, directed by Katarzyna Lesisz: Raised on a farm in the very heart of Iceland, two brothers are portrayed as they face their daily routines. Leading different lives, the older brother living in the city far away from the valley that used to be his home, the younger living as a farmer together with his wife and son. Their story becomes a lyrical journey into the depths of one another, during which the characters address important questions about belonging, being homesick and finding one’s place in the world.

Scanonization / fiction, directed by Jan Groblinski: Scanonization is a short story about a young woman working in supermarket who notices biblical scenes while doing her routine duties. Everything is observed by a mysterious man via security system cameras.

AGRFT Ljubljana

Free Bodižar / documentary, directed by Klemen Berus: The film portrays a Slovenian activist Božidar Radišič and his struggle for legalization of marihuana in his country. The struggle takes place all the way from his home garden and up to higher Slovenian courts.

Foster Mum / documentary, directed by Miha Možina: Life circle of a foster mom Bernarda is drowning and glowing through intertwinned past and future of fatal decisions.

Zdravo! / documentary, directed by Ema Muc: The Sokols of Metlika are a gymnastic society. In addition to sport and hanging around they also like baked pork meat and spritzer. They keep the Sokol tradition and do gymnastic exercises (as much as they are able to). They regularly hang out in a bar where qualifying tests for new members are being held annually.

VŠMU Bratislava

White Forest / animation, directed by Marta Prokopová: The story about love in white forest.

Love / documentary, directed by Maja Brnušáková: Old woman memories, she remembers her husband. They spent beautiful life together. Now he is gone, she must live without him. But she still feels him in each part of her day.

Half Bábka /animation, directed by Jasmine Elsen: The film is about loneliness in the society. An old woman does everything with her cat, which is more like a toy for her. sharing ice cream and knitting sweaters.. but the cat runs away and she tries to replace it.

Night in a Hotel, Room Nr. 306 / fiction, directed by Martin Hnát: Two lovers entwined, one hotel room and their future and present happening in the same time.

The Flight / animation, directed by Júlia Gajdošová: The film is about loneliness in the society. An old woman does everything with her cat, which is more like a toy for her. sharing ice cream and knitting sweaters.. but the cat runs away and she tries to replace it.

B Moll / fiction, directed by Zuzana Marianková: A short film about a woman who loved music so much to believe it can save her.

Force of Attraction / animation, directed by Eva Sekerešová: A force of attraction is a force between two people that causes them to be drawn to each other.

Rosso Papavero / animation, directed by Martin Smatana: One starry night a small boy dances in a circle around a delicate flower. As if by magic a colourfully lit Big Top appears before him, the whole troupe dances around him and then into the circus ring. The curious wagons contain odd-looking artistes, an elephant and the ringmaster. The boy would love to follow them, but does he really have to pay for a ticket? It is his own dream, after all. A lovingly animated paean to the power of an unbridled imagination.

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