Daazo’s Friss Hús 3.0 Short Film Festival starts in less than two weeks, so it’s time to take a look at the Hungarian and the international short film programme:

***International Competition I. March 27th, 19.00***

I Remember 30’ / Janna Ji Wonders – Germany
Best friends Josh and Ben (both 18) spend their vacation in a remote hut on the craggy California Pacific Coast. Their friendship is put to test when Elena, a mysterious 30-year-old woman, moves into the house down at the end of the beach. (Berlinale 2015 Perspektive Deutsches Kino)

Last Base 14’ / Aslak Danbolt – Norway
When his good friend Roger is killed in a base–jumping accident, Joachim has to promise his girlfriend to give up base–jumping for good. But first he endeavours one last adventure, against his girlfriend’s wishes. Together with his best friend Øyvind he sets out climb Mt. Katthammeren to honour Roger and make his last jump.

Capture 16’ / Tamar Rudoy – Israel
After discovering her portrait placed in a new exhibition downtown, Nofar begins her pursuit after the elusive image of herself.

Where We Are 14’ / Ilker Çatak – Germany
Due to her heroin addiction Christina Semnik has lost custody of her nine-year-old daughter Paula and now finds herself in stationary treatment. When she visits Paula for the first time in her new foster family, Daniela is afraid of losing her forever.

Meanwhile 5’ / Stephen McNally – United Kingdom
A five minute animated short film, blending CG 3D and 2D drawn animation techniques, Meanwhile follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations.

***International Competition II. March 28th. 17.00***

The Phone Call 20’ / Mat Kirkby – United Kingdom
Heather is a shy lady who works in a helpline call centre. When she receives a phone call from a mystery man, she has no idea that the encounter will change her life forever. (Oscars 2015 for Best Live Action Short Film)

Remains 30’
Yotam Ben-David – Israel
Itamar and Thomas share a bed, walls, an apartment and electricity bills. Thomas commands, manages, and criticizes; Itamar is silent and listens. Between the apartment walls, frustration and loneliness unfold.

How to Build a Terrarium 16’ / Emma Piper-Burket – Czech Republic
It is Springtime in Prague. A foreigner, new to the city, must navigate the winding bureaucracy of the Czech Postal Service in order to retrieve a package. A state of mind docu-fiction film about a young woman’s quest to become the master of her own universe.

Killing My Girl 12’ / Tasos Giapoutzis – United Kingdom, Greece
Dawn. Rafa, a young South Asian woman, hangs the laundry in the yard of the house. In a voice-over she announces she is pregnant and that her husband and in-laws, with whom she is living, do not want the baby only because it is a girl.

The Bigger Picture 7’ / Daisy Jacobs – United Kingdom
The Bigger Picture is an animated film about two brothers struggling to care for their elderly mother. Jovial, loving Richard flees as soon as anything practical needs to be done; dutiful Nick does everything he can for his mother while seething with resentment; and Mother is not going to make it easy for either of them.

***International Competition III. March 28th, 21.00***

Misophonia 24’ / Marianne Skovdahl – Norway
A young woman’s personal journey towards coming to terms with her strange sound sensitivity disorder; misophonia.

Sunny 29’ / Barbara Ott – Germany
Hajo is 19 and a brand-new dad. Now, instead of kicking it with his friends he takes care of his son. But Hajo is done changing diapers and playing mommy. He wants to work and make money. Hajo has a plan, but it involves putting his child at risk.

The Noisemaker 16’ / Karolis Kaupinis – Lithuania, Sweden
A distant provincial school is waiting for an official delegation from the Ministry. They’re about to bring a new school bell. This is not what the school needs though.

Faded Finery 11’ / Sonia Gerbeaud, Mathias de Panafieu – France
In a remote village, a little girl befriends a pack of coyotes. But the villagers brutally put an end to this relationship, unaware of the revolution that awaits.

Bad at Dancing 11’ / Joanna Arnow – USA
Isabel and Matt are together, Joanna seems to be pursuing Matt and maybe Isabel too. Joanna tries out various approaches to achieve her aim. The three move together, vying for control – dressed and naked.
(Berlinale 2015 Short Competition)

***Hungarian Selection I.March 25th 19.00, repeat: March 27th. 17.00***

Fight 14′ (Viadal) / Szeiler Péter
Two homeward journeys. Two traps. Two arrivals.

End of Puberty 9′ (Kamaszkor vége)  / Szilágyi Fanni
On a beautiful summer day, the teenage twins met a boy, who acquaint them sexuality, real anger with each other and jealousy. That is the moment of the end of puberty.

Tides 15′ (Marea)  / Breier Ádám
Camelia plans to celebrate her son Angel’s birthday. Provoked by the disappearance of his father, Angel escapes, and Camelia is forced to begin a search that will confront her with the failure of her family.

Beauty Queen (Szépségkirálynő) 13′ / Oláh Judit
Zita can’t say ‘yes’ to Laci, who has been waiting for her for a long time. She dreams of another, more glamorous life. For as long as she can.

Yes 9′ / Géza M. Tóth
M. Tóth Géza’s short film is an exciting contemplation about the acceptance and rejection of female roles.

Limbo Limbo Travel 17’ / Zsuzsi Kreif, Bori Zétényi
The film begins in a big, technically developed Scandinavian city, where men no longer show any interest towards women. Their only potential love interest is technology.

Stage Fright (Lámpaláz) 11’ / Árpád  Görögh
A mediocre actor gets the role of his life in Kabuki’s Mephisto, due to a sudden death of his famous colleague. However, the role of Mephisto proves to be an overwhelming challenge.


***Hungarian Selection II., March 25th. 21.00, repeat: March 28th. 15.00***

And The Fawn is Rotting Down There (Az őz meg ott rohad lent) 18′ / Máté Brauner
Laci, the taxi driver and his nephew are going home to celebrate that the boy has moved to the big city. After the dinner, Laci’s wife’s behaviour is becoming more and more provocative towards the boy. Laci feels disturbed and decides to escape to his car. When he goes back he realises he left his keys inside and locked himself out.

The Paradise (A paradicsom) 13′ / Attila Bán
The man, the woman and the plant. And those damn children.

The Beginning of a Day (Egy nap kezdete) 20′ / Tamás Teszler
“A grey town, grey people, grey everydays. Halfway between light and darkness. A man leaves for work, but where is he really headed?”

Saudade 11′ / Gyöngyi Fazekas
A woman calls her sister living abroad whether she wants their old childhood swing. The word ‘saudade’ is Portuguese and can not be found in other languages. It means a nostalgic, painful longing, yearning for something or someone that you love but have already lost.

Places (Terek) 23′ / Bálint Erkel
Budapest is the throbbing heart of Eastern Europe. Its the streets flow with stories of love and theft, desire and betrayal. Why follow only one story, when you can choose from so many?

I would have come back (Visszajöttem volna) 16′ / Zsuzsanna Besenyei
A boy is coming. Maybe he can start a new life. Maybe he has a connection. Maybe it has sense. Maybe he would have come back. Before. Victims.

***Hungarian Selection III. March 26th. 19.00, Repeat: March 29th 21.00***

Frustration (Frusztráció) 3′ / Milán Kopasz
A young man takes a bus and a surreal journey begins. During the voyage he is digging deeper and deeper into his suppressed, untold frustrations.

The Blocks (A telep) 27′ / Sándor Csoma
The story is set in a block house area, where number of strange events take place. Everybody has something to hide, nobody is innocent. Only a little girl chooses to confront the forces of evil.

Meadow Street 1 (Mező utca 1.) / Krisztián Király
The idea of the animated short, based on a childhood memory. In Hungary, on the 31st of October in 1993, Radio Free Europe ceased to broadcast after 42 years. On the same day at a small town in the countryside, strange events started to unfold. I was just a little boy spending time at my grandparents’.

Agape (Agapé) 22′ / Ottó Bánovits
An old couple is living on a desolate farm in the middle of nowhere. When his wife dies, the old man has a dream: he meets a man who calls himself the crossmaker.

Concrete Noise (Betonzaj) 30′ / István Kovács
Dia is a young female kickboxer who lives in the suburbs of Budapest with her mum and younger brother. Her dream is to compete in Germany where she can earn good money. All she has to do is to win her upcoming championship.


***Hungarian Selection IV. March 25th, 21.00, repeat: March 28th. 17.00***

Meatball (Fasírt) 14′
An elderly couple receives a visitor. The poor salesman arrives at dinnertime, and he really shouldn’t have eaten one of the old woman’s meatballs… Inspired by a 1-minute short story by István Örkény and starring two legendary Hungarian actors in a rare lead role for both of them, this semi-comedy tells a twisted story of forgiveness.

Seventies (Hetvenes) 29′ / Linda Dombrovszky
Sometime in the near future, a Central-Eastern European country fearing overpopulation as the result of an aging society passes a gruesome law requiring all those reaching the age of 70 to be put to sleep in humane fashion…

Heart Blocker (Szívradír) 17′ / Sándor Csukás – Kata Oláh
The life of the man living with Mum gets upset by a phone call from the hospital. A weary nurse helps him to navigate in the maze of administration.

Kiss Me Hard! 9’ / Árpád Barta
This is a story of a kiss. We accompany the midnight walk of a man and a woman, and steal a glimpse of their romantic slip. A street musician is likely to be the only witness of their forbidden moment.

Tale (Mese) 7′ / Attila Bertóti
Animated short about Vanya, Lenochka, the king, the queen, the robber, the guards, the horse, the blacksmith, the fire chief and his wife based on a short story by Daniil Kharms.


***Hungarian Selection V. March 27th, 21.00, repeat: March 29th. 19.00***

Leftover (Maradék) 15′ Tibor Bánóczki – Sarolta Szabó
What does it mean eating alone in human society? Showing moments of six different lives, this animated anthology film seeks the answer to this question. Remains of food, remains of human relationships.

Morning Visitor (Reggeli látogató) 13′ / Dávid Csicskár
Father and daughter meet again after a long time. They must face that there is nothing any more that ties them together, apart from a tragedy that happened decades ago.

Letter to God (Levél Istenhez) 30′ / Tamás Topolánszky
Aladár lives on a farm. The driest summer of his life endangers everything he has built for his family. Every day, he prays to God with his childlike prayers. Aladár gets his wish, but God works in mysterious ways…

The Expedition (Expedíció) 11′ / Márton Szirmai
After several years of planning, a politician is to be sent to visit voters. How much time can a politician endure amongst ordinary people?

Bestiary (Bestiárium) 1′ / Noémi Kruppa
Throughout our lives, during most of our time, we try to conform to certain social conventions,unwritten rules. But has civilization really been a positive influence, or has it just brought us to deny our real selves, live in constant anxiety and play a role in society which surpresses or true colors?

***Hungarian Selection VI. March 28th, 19.00, repeat: March 29th. 15.00***

Strangers (Idegenek) 19′ / Iván Kapitány
The meeting of two strangers in a strange place at a strange time. Their lives intertwine for a moment. But is it really an accidental encounter?

Sty (Ól) 10′ / Árpád Herman
The deadbeat Endre tried to earn money as pig sticker. The morning, when an old peasant asked him to kill his fat stock, subverted his life a lot.

Jaffa 25′ / Szonja Szabó
Snowfall, a country house, a rock band and love, of course. Jaffa 25 is a student movie made by the actors of Pesti Magyar Drama School.

Boglárka 13’ / Ákos Badits
Istók, an unlikely hero sets off to save the beautiful Boglárka from the dragon who kidnapped her. Along the way he gets a companion he never wanted: Hilda, who is madly in love with Istók’s heroic brother.

Rimbaud 21′ / Péter Lichter
Experimental documentary about the journeys of Arthur Rimbaud, edited from 30 reels of super 8 home movie, shot by unknown families.


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