The 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has selected 132 films from 41 countries for its five competition programmes. With 59 entries the International Competition is the largest section by far. There are 19 films in the German Competition and 11 each in the NRW Competition and the MuVi Award, 35 productions will be shown in the Children’s and Youth Film Competition. Oberhausen is awarding prizes amounting to 41,250 Euros in all of its five competitions.

Whereas large festivals are facing growing criticism for showing too few films by women, the proportion of female filmmakers at Oberhausen is traditionally high: approximately 50% of the films in this year’s competitions are made by women.

The films were selected from almost 6,000 entries from 98 countries. This shows the unbroken strength of the genre of short film as well as the position of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen as one of the leading festivals of its kind worldwide. Compared to 2014 the number of entries has risen by almost 1,000. The internet plays an important role in this: way over half the films reached Oberhausen via internet upload. The Oberhausen competitions thus reflect the recent development from bulky reel of film to VHS and DVD, culminating in “immaterial” files. The majority of the competition films have in the past three years been projected in today’s customary DCP format.

International Competition

59 films from 32 countries were selected for this Competition from 4,553 entries. They will compete for prizes worth a total of 25,500 euros. A number of smaller film nations are represented in this Competition, with films from Kazakhstan, Haiti, Vietnam or Uganda. The presence of Switzerland and Norway is unusually strong, each with three films… more

German Competition

For this Competition, 19 films were selected from 1,146 entries that will compete for prizes worth a total of 7,500 euros. The German short film is not the domain of film schools, but thrives in a very strong free scene. This is clearly demonstrated by the entries: only approximately 300 works – that is just over a quarter –, come from film schools… more

NRW Competition

11 films were selected from 224 entries from NRW. They will compete for prizes worth a total of 2,250 euros. Oberhausen has paid tribute to the strength of film in the federal state of NRW since 2009 in programmes reserved for films from NRW. Film school and free productions are fairly equally balanced here… more

17th MuVi Award

11 videos were selected from 204 entries, competing for prizes worth a total of 3,500 euros. The vast majority of the videos – including clips for Deichkind, Mouse on Mars, Von Spar or Chicks on Speed – come from Berlin, Hamburg und Munich, the centres of German music production… more

38th Children’s and Youth Film Competition

35 films from 17 countries were selected from 320 films that were submitted for the German and International Competions. They will compete for prizes worth a total of 3,000 euros. The Children and Youth film Competition also offers plenty of opportunity to make discoveries beyond the dominant film producing countries, for example with films from Columbia, Argentina, Mexico or Brazil… more


A list of all films selected for all competitions is online here.

From the press release of the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.