We gave out the awards of Friss Hús 3.0 on Sunday evening, which was held from the 25th until the 29th of March. This 5 days went away extremely quickly, and we really proud with the turnout! We screened 33 Hungarian and 15 international shortfilms in 9 different sections, in Toldi cinema, Budapest. The awards were given out for the following films and directors:

Best Hungarian Shortfilm: End of Puberty (A kamaszkor vége), directed by Fanni Szilágyi

 On a beautiful summer day, the teenage twins met a boy, who acquaint them sexuality, real anger with each other and jealousy. That is the moment of the end of puberty.


Best Hungarian Animation: Limbo Limbo Travel, directed by Zsuzsi Kreif and Bori Zétényi

The film begins in a big, technically developed Scandinavian city, where men no longer show any interest towards women. Their only potential love interest is technology.


Best International Shortfilm: The Bigger Picture, directed by Daisy Jacobs

The Bigger Picture is an animated film about two brothers struggling to care for their elderly mother. Jovial, loving Richard flees as soon as anything practical needs to be done; dutiful Nick does everything he can for his mother while seething with resentment; and Mother is not going to make it easy for either of them.

Congratulations for the winners, we can’t wait to meet this great audience next year! And keep those amazing shorts coming!