The 27th edition of Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival has ended yesterday. Daazo travelled out there to make a presentation about World of Shorts, Hungarian short film distribution and short films in Hungary in general. The festival was very well organised and offered a diverse and colourful short film programme and interesting panels throughout this 4 days.

They gave out a great number of awards, here’s the list of winner, with the jury’s notes.

Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize – National Competition – PEIN by Ulrike Vahl (Germany 2014).

This calm film is concerned with the last things in life, the confrontation with the end. In the cold light of the mortuary, people bid farewell and Anton who works there is unable to find his peace anymore between the dead and the living. The filmmakers keeps her view sharply focused here. With everything reduced, concrete, authentic and credible in an artistic way. And no escape is possible from the suffering of this man.
The Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize goes to “Suffering” from Ulrike Vahl.

Golden Horseman Animated Film – International Competition – FUGA NA WIOLOCZELĘ, TRĄBKĘ I PEJZAŻ by Jerzy Kucia (Poland 2014).

This short movie is a bold statement to the craft of animation film. In a time where the cinema medium is often subordinate to phones and tablets, this is a genuine love letter to the big screen. The filmmaker dares you to embark, all senses in alert, into a hypnotizing journey, immersed under various layers of images and sound. A stimulating filmic experience that breaches through time and space, allowing you to create your own.

Golden Horseman Animated Film – National Competition – DÄWIT by David Jansen (Germany 2015).

The film narrates its story full of myths and metaphors with an existential force. The form and content create a unity when the archaic odyssey of a foundling takes its course in an expressionist composition reminiscent of a woodcut. We experience hate, suffering and ultimately forgiveness and reconciliation at the side of the hero. A gripping piece with the unmistakable personal style of an artist.

Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film – International Competition – SEM CORAÇÃO by Nara Normande and Tião (Brazil 2014).

Solar and deep, this delicate still fiercely efficient coming of age film threads into uncharted territory. A world of raw beauty and stark mysteries, that contributes to breathe life into a story bearing the power of a myth. Through this unique cinematic experience emerges powerful landscape that shapes fully fleshed characters, rituals of love that transcends the age of the young cast and desire that we, as spectators, are not far from.

Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film – National Competition – WE WILL STAY IN TOUCH ABOUT IT by Jan Zabeil (Germany 2014).

We are witnesses to a fearful encounter in an abandoned landscape. The boredom travelling along a road through the steppes turns into confusion and shock. With the collision being cultural. The acting, camera and sound succeed in making this eerie constellation vivid because it can be experienced. And even if the landscape is left behind again to roast in the sun at the end, it is clear that this encounter will not be without consequences.

Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury – International Competition – REIZIGERS IN DE NACHT by Ena Sendijarevic (Netherlands 2013).

An encapsulated, monotone, impersonal world which almost imperceptibly turns into a stage. A familiarisation occurs in which no words are needed, with dance and looks forming the language. The outstanding performance by the actors move the plot along until the breakout from the cold, neon-lit cosmos.

Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury – National Competition – EAT MY DREAM by Jessica Dürwald (Germany 2015).

The film collects patterns and textures in calm, cleverly selected shots. It convinces through the interplay of image and sound. The colour and visual composition permit the audience to discover beauty in what is in fact an oppressive subject. The film follows its own unique rhythm and encourages us to consider thinking more about the theme, yet not in a moralising way.

Golden Horseman Sound Design – International & National Competition – FOLEY ARTIST by Toni Bestard (Spain 2013).

This film is a declaration of love. To the cinema, to storytelling, to a person. But especially it is a romantic bow to the object of this prize: Film sound. And in this regard it may even seem as though it was made specifically for this category – almost. But in fact it demonstrates the importance of sound in film in its charming and equally perfect technical manner.

ARTE Short Film Prize – International Competition – DÄWIT by David Jansen (Germany 2015).

An intensive and impressive film has been created which draws the viewers into its plot. Using an animated woodcut technique, a visual equivalent has been found which envelopes the protagonists in darkness. The filmmaker convinces with a search full of depravations for identity, which he connects with the motifs of wolves in nature, the faceless vortex of the modern city and the appearance of an angel. Yet it is only through forgiveness that the protagonist ultimately finds salvation, as indeed do the viewers, who are captivated by the relentless power of the story and the images, before they are released back out into the world beyond the cinema with a glimmer of hope.

Golden Horseman of the Audience – National Competition – BETONFRASS by Karsten Kranzusch (Germany 2013).

Golden Horseman of the Audience – International Competition – FOLEY ARTIST by Toni Bestard (Spain 2013).

DEFA Promotion Prize Animation – National Competition – ALIENATION by Laura Lehmus (Germany 2014).

Intensely funny and true at one and the same time, this short film brings the horrors of adolescent existence between childhood and adulthood to a head as the body and mind change to the point of becoming grotesque. Documentary sound recordings of teenagers of both genders in puberty emerge from ravishingly horrific creatures here: Or simply from an “alien nation” – one we have all belonged to at one time.

Special Mentions of the International Jury – DEUX AMIS by Natalia Chernysheva (France 2014). A sensitive humanity piece in the animal reign, this delightly playful film is perfectly formed. And JUKE BOX by Ilan Klipper (France 2014). This bold yet intimate film of a man locked in a closed loop skips in your head, over and over.

Special Mention of the National Jury – BETONFRASS by Karsten Kranzusch (Germany 2013).

Special Mention of the International Youth Jury – HOLE by Martin Edralin (Canada 2014).

An intimate and sensitive insight into the life of a man is revealed. The film captivates especially with its authenticity, which is also shown in the selection of the main actor, whose acting performance and courage are enthralling. By dealing openly with the sexual needs of a handicapped person, the film succeeds in drawing our attention to a rarely discussed subject.

Special Mention of the National Youth Jury – DAS SATANISCHE DICKICHT – EINS by Willy Hans (Germany 2014). Unsettling situations come together to form an harmonious overall picture. Using simple means, the director succeeds in creating multilayered characters. With consistent, calm and well considered scenes, snapshots of a family are revealed to us. Simmering conflicts seem to be about to explode at any moment, yet in the end the viewer remains behind in the thicket.

Regional Filmnight – Audience Award – THE JOURNEY OF THE BEASTS by Sebastian Linda (Germany 2014).


Text from the official website of Filmfest Dresden, photos by us.