Cochemare, Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowski, Kanada 2013 / 3D Kino als Experiment

The next edition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will be held between the 30th of April and the 5th of May. We previously shared on the blog the detailed programme of the Official Competition, but the listing doesn’t stop here. The festival offers a great number of smaller programmes, from 3D films for children to the Open Screening where films that weren’t selected for the competitions are presented by the filmmakers. Here’s the detailed list:

Award Winners of other Festivals
Thursday, 30 April, 5 p.m.
A selection of recent shorts, all of which won prizes at other big festivals – Locarno, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand.

Short Matters!
1, 3 and 4 May, 6 p.m.
Three programmes featuring the most striking European short films of 2014, all of them nominees for last year’s European Short Film Award.

25 Years of the KHM
Friday, 1 May, 2.30 p.m.
The Academy of Media Arts Cologne KHM is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In honour of the occasion, Oberhausen presents a selection of films from the KHM that were all screened in Oberhausen in recent years.

Derek Jarman Newly Restored
Monday, 4 May, 10.30 p.m.
Between 1970 and 1983 Derek Jarman made over 80 individual Super 8 films which have now been digitised frame by frame, supported by the LUMAS foundation. Oberhausen will be the first venue to screen a selection of these films in 2K, presented by James Mackay, the initiator of the project.

Michael Brynntrup: Jesus – the Film
Friday, 1 May (German only)
6 p.m.: Book presentation, Festival Space
8 p.m.: Film screening, Kino im Walzenlager
Michael Brynntrup’s project Jesus – der Film (1985/86) saw him assembling 35 episodes from the New Testament, which were filmed by 22 filmmakers on Super 8. Brynntrup will be in Oberhausen to present the book on the film along with a few surprises.

Monday, 4 May, 8 p.m.
A programme from our distribution catalogue in which five filmmakers cast a fresh view on questions of faith and forms of religious practice around the world.

Emerging Artists
Sunday, 3 May, 8 p.m.
Seven extraordinary works by young German filmmakers. A selection by AG Kurzfilm and German Films.

Open Screening
3 and 4 May8 p.m.
Filmmakers not selected for the competitions present their works at the Oberhausen Open Screening – a real favourite with the audiences.

The Third Image – 3D Cinema as Experiment: a subject for children
3 May, 10.30 a.m.
Films from the programme „The Third Image – 3D Cinema as Experiment“, that are suitable for children aged 8 and above, including the premiere of a 3D film made by young people from Oberhausen, Searching for Space.

The Oberhausen Selection
3 May, 4 p.m. (German only)
Citizens of Oberhausen have put this programme together from films in the Festival archive – an ideal introduction for people who are curious about short films. In co-operation with the City of Oberhausen’s Office for Equal Opportunities/Life in Old Age Division.

4th Poetry Clip Competition
4 May, 12.30 p.m. (German only)
Oberhausen school groups from the ninth year are entering their poetry clips in the race, all of which will be screened at the Festival. The project is sponsored by the „Arts Open Worlds“ programme of the BKJ (Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung e.V.), which is part of the „Culture Makes Strong. Alliances for Education“ from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The prize money is donated by Energieversorgung Oberhausen (evo).

Filmgeflacker Open Air
1 May, 10.30 p.m.
Oberhausen’s Filmgeflacker art collective will be presenting films from this year’s competitions, and the filmmakers will be invited to discuss their works with the audience. The event will be held in the Kino im Walzenlager in case of bad weather.

Poetry Slam
3 May, 9 p.m. (German only)
Poetry slammers perform texts inspired by films from the current German Competition. Hosted by Jonas Jahn.

More information about the programmes:


From the press release of the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Photo and logo from the official website.