This winter, Daazo had the chance to visit the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and Market, where the Euroconnection programme takes place. What we experienced there gave us an insight into the promising future of European short film.

words by Genovéva Petrovits

Euroconnection is presented by the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market, in association with the Creative Europe MEDIA Desk France and the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée. Euro Connection receives support from Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme and the PROCIREP.

At the pitching session, it was good to see that so many impressive short film projects are out there, and yet, this selection was only a tiny part of what is available on the market. Apart from author driven films, genre projects were presented as well in order to conquer the potential investors and coproducers. The main coordinator of Euroconnection, Laurent Crouzeix told us that more than 160 professional participants have assisted the co-production market from all corners of Europe. The conference room of the hotel was filled with professionals curious about the projects. 16 selected projects were pitched by the participating directors and producers. The pitching session was prepared with the help of Gabrielle Brunnenmeyer, a Berlin based project and script advisor and Wim Vanacker, coordinator of the European Short Pitch. These short trainings were meant to prepare the speakers in order to present their projects in a better way. It really helped every single participant to learn how to convince the public.

After talking with some filmmakers, I heard that after each pitching session they understood more of their own films and their own stories. Another benefit of Euroconnection is that the organisers show immense care for the genre, echoing the name of the association which initiated the festival: Sauve qui peut le court métrage! (‘Save the short films if you can!’) The initiative aims to strengthen the creation of short films. For me, the most important aspect about Euroconnection is that it is one of the initiatives which justifies the power of the encounters which are essential to help growing quality co-productions. Based on a survey made with the participants, more than the half of them consider to start a co-production. Yes, the future of the industry is also seeking its profile and basis with the help of this genre. For those who believe that the feasibility of their project have better chances if it’s a co-production should apply to Euroconnection. The application period will start by the beginning of September. One should also consider applying because a co-production is not the only potential output of the programme. Being selected is also a good highlight for a project.

Prepare yourself for a quality event with a lot of opportunity where the quality level of the projects is outstanding.


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