The 50th Karlovy Vary Film Festival has opened its gate on saturday, in the heart of the Czech Republic. In the name of this great anniversary, they created once again a wonderful selection of European features and also introduced a new programme called Future Frames, that’s focusing on 10 young talented film students from 10 different European film schools. We decided to ask a round of questions from the choosen directors, to learn more about their feelings towards the programme, their short films and future plans after graduation. For the first time, here’s Martina Buchelová from Slovakia,  the director of the short film Green Line.

Martina Buchelová

How does it feel to be choosen into the Future Frames programme?

Its a very nice feeling. It was a great surprise for me even to get nominated, so that they actually really chose me for the programme, was totally unexpectable and wonderful.

How would you describe your short film in one sentence? What does it mean to you?

Picture of an overworked woman, living alone with her son and old father, that struggles with everyday problems until imagination wins over her. Or not?

What’s the first line in the film? What or who are we seeing in the opening scene? 

First line is ” Dad?”  In the opening scene, an old father is wandering streets at night, little boy (his son) sleeps in his bed, then he goes and covers his mother, that felt asleep making some paperwork. The camera is fragile, like the balance that the family has to keep. Inside of their apartment is somewhat humble, but cozy.

Green Line

How was the circumstances of the shooting?

It was complicated shooting, like with every student assignment. We had to work very hard to make everything fit. We had very limited budget, so it we had to be very creative with locations. Also, it was quite hard to work with the horse, because it wasn´t trained for filmmaking.
The most interesting part was to find little boy. We found him a few days before shooting, just in time.

What do you expect from the Future Frames programme?

I expect to get to know new filmmakers, share ideas, way of film-making, new friend and maybe even new colleagues.

How is the situation of short film in your country? 

Fiction shorts are usually only made by students – as school assignments. I think some of the shorts are really good, both with specific form and interesting idea – for example I really like short Checkpoint by Adam Felix, an absurd roadmovie of one right girl, or Roman Fabián´s older short I am miner, who is more?, that comments hard living conditions of rural areas of Slovakia, that pushes parents to send their children away from their home, in hope that they will have better life elsewhere. Both films are diploma shorts from my school, FTF VŠMU. There is also quite interesting animation scene in Slovakia, that produces a lot of both student and proffesional shorts. Documentary shorts are usually, same as fiction ones, made by students as assignments.

Green Line

Will you keep on making short films in the future, even after graduation?

I like the form of shorts and I am trained in school to make them. I would like to continue making shorts, but also would like to start making features. Hopefully, I will be able to do both.