We introduced three graduating directors already from the Future Frames programme, which is being held as part of the 50th Karlovy Vary Film Festival. All of them are invited from different European film schools to meet the press, the audience, and important members of the industry and to share their fresh artistic style. Here’s Patrick Vollrath from Austria, and his thoughts on Everything Will Be Okay.

Patrick Vollrath

How does it feel to be choosen into the Future Frames programme?
Karel Och,the artistic director of Karlovy Vary said that in the Future Frames Programme they “put together a group of very talented upcoming filmmakers with a bright future.” And being part of this group feels pretty nice. And it kinda motivates you for your work on your next project.

How would you describe your short film in one sentence? What does it mean to you?
For me it is the first film I made were I didn’t choose to take the easy way. I wanted to make a film that hurts.

Everything Will Be Okay / Alles wird gut

What’s the first line in the film? What or who are we seeing in the opening scene? 
We see a Close-up of the face of a man and we hear an airplane.

How was the circumstances of the shooting?
The preproduction was difficult because we casted half a year to find Julia, the 8-year-old girl who plays the leading role. And if I hadn’t find her, I hadn’t make the film. After the casting choice were made. The shooting was pretty okay. Nothing special happened. We worked hard every day and after 6 days we were done.

What do you expect from the Future Frames programme?
I hope it will be a great time. In every possible way.

Everything Will Be Okay / Alles wird gut

How is the situation of short film in your country?
I would say it is not bad. People support it. Funds support it. Everybody knows that making a short or several shorts it is a good way to learn and develop your language as a filmmaker.

Will you keep on making short films in the future, even after graduation?
I am writing the treatment for my first feature film right at the moment. I wanna play with the big boys now.


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