The 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival might be ending tomorrow, but we still have talents to introduce from the Future Frames programme. Let’s meet James Fitzgerald from Ireland, director of the short film Skunky Dog.

James Fitzgerald

How does it feel to be choosen into the Future Frames programme?

Its a huge honour to be chosen for this, iv seen the other shorts that were chosen and the standard is very high. So it brilliant to be along side some very talented up and coming people.

How would you describe your short film in one sentence? What does it mean to you?

It’s a looking into the sad truth, that alcohol destroys people’s lives. The film means a lot to myself growing up in this rural setting in Ireland and seeing young people, like the lead character, wasting their lives away.

What’s the first line in the film? What or who are we seeing in the opening scene? What are the colors? The sounds? 

The first line in the film is “Jesus christ”. In the opening scene we are seeing Flick (lead character) and his daily routine in the bar. He arrives there early, and stays there for the rest of the day, drinking and talking to the odd person. I wanted to make Flick’s world (the bar) dark and musky, and have a general uncomfortable feeling about it. Even the character was made to look a little dirty and he’s almost uncomfortable in his own skin.

How was the circumstances of the shooting?

We shot in Galway in Ireland in a place called Connamara. Its a very barren place and some of the locations were very tricky to shoot in, due to the wet landscape and strong winds. It definitely wasn’t the easiest of shooting. But we pulled through.

Skunky Dog

What do you expect from the Future Frames programme?

I’m hoping to meet some very interesting people and make a few connections. Im also looking forward to presenting the film to a large foreign audience. But the main are the connections… you can never have enough of those.

How is the situation of your short film in your country?

The film has been received really well in Ireland I’m very happy with peoples reactions and their support of the film. Because it was my graduation film, the college have been particularly good at pushing it out there. I never expected it to do as well as it has I’m very humble about everything.

Will you keep on making short films in the future, even after graduation?

I had planned to make another short film, but after Skunky dog, I was convinced by a few people to write a feature. So I did, and now I have a producer and a great production company on board to develop it further…I will however most likely be doing another short..Id love to sink my teeth into a project that I haven’t written…That would be fun..


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