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Short films on the screen in 54 cities from New York to Tallinn

The most successful short film tour of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen is drawing to a close. In the ninth edition of “Oberhausen on Tour”, films from Oberhausen were screened in 54 cities in 24 countries all over the world, from London to Mexico City, from Bratislava to New York. A big leap since 2003, when the first edition of “Oberhausen on Tour” toured 16 cities in seven countries. This ninth edition has now set the record so far.

“Oberhausen on Tour” traditionally comprises programmes of films from the preceding festival edition and the festival archive. Many venues have participated more than once and praise, among other things, “the wonderfully (or lovingly) compiled thematic programmes like ‘The Latin American Experience’. This is where we can see a part of the festival’s history and rediscover rarely screened classics.” (Natascha Gikas, Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt/Main).

Oberhausen on Tour 2015, which presented films from the 60th anniversary festival in 2014, was launched on 7 February in Basel with a programme of films from the 2014 International Competition. There are only a few scattered stops left, and the tour will end on 10 October with a double projection: in Lille, France, a selection from the International Competition will be screened while in Muenster, Germany, it’s the archive programme Believe!. Tour stops in between included Budapest, Derby, Helsinki, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Manchester, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Montréal, New York, Nicosia, Riga, Santiago de Chile, Sarajevo, Tel Aviv, Tenerife and others, as well as 15 cities in Germany. All in all, 40 films in six programmes were on the road, the most popular being the International Competition programme and the programme of “Artist Film & Video” which were booked 46 resp. 28 times. All venues booked a total of 140 screenings.

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will launch the next edition of Oberhausen on Tour in 2017.


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